Moving and Starting

Lagoona in the cabinet

My dolls got a new home as well: They are now staying inside a small cabinet, protected from dust and too much sunlight. It’s beautiful on the outside, gold and blue like a gothic arch, but plain on the inside. Lagoona still seems to like it!

Today was my first day at school – It’s so strange being in a real school again after two semesters of University: There the age range was from 20 – 60 now it’s 14 – 25. Generally it’s very much like school, with a fixed timetable and one main teacher (I think the correct term would be ‘form teacher’). Apropos timetable… I have school in the afternoon 4 times a week and once a free morning – the next year will be tough! But the subjects are realy cool and we’ll spend a lot of time in the workshop.

I’m really looking forward to enhance and perfect my sewing skills, even though it will be exhausting – I’m so not used to a regular schedule anymore, last semester at the University I had all my courses on three days and was always finished before noon. What did I do with all that free time?….

Anyways, we are supposed to document our process and all the things we learn, also with pictures, so prepare for occasional updates about what’s going on and what I’m doing and learning in school!

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Before all the moving-related stress began last week, I spent a day in Hallstatt. Together with my sister I explored the little village, that is glued onto the mountainside and bordered by the Hallstättersee. Of course we went into the ‘Beinhaus': Due to limited space, graves are opened after 15-20 years and the bones are stored in a little room beneath the church. The beauty of it are the painted skulls – either with ivy, laurel or roses. Nowadays, most peolpe are cremated after death, the newest skull is from 1985.

The name ‘Hall-statt’ already suggests the village’s history – There is a long tradition of salt mining – over 4000 years. One can still visit the mine, but we decided to just drive up the mountain with a little train and hike down. The path was next to the waterfall, very steep, very beautiful and we didn’t meet a soul. And then it was already time to take the ship back to the train station and drive back to Salzburg.

Enjoy the pictures of the ‘real’ Hallstatt, not the imitation of a certain country…











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365 photos


20.08.2014 – They found an old bomb from WWII close to our home, but luckily, there wasn’t any danger and we were not evacuated.


21.08.2014 – Hallstatt


22.08.2014 – I hate it when that happens. See all that dust between the sequins? Terrible.


23.08.2014 – A new pincushion from an old embroidery (5 or 6 years ago)


24.08.2014 – Packing my clothes


25.08.2014 – Pomegranates and Lantana camara

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I’m moving


The time has finally come – I’m moving. Right now, I’m packing, throwing things away, deciding what to leave behind and what to take with me. My room is a complete mess, but slowly, the boxes are filling. So far, I’m actually quite enjoying it!

Moving and packing made me realize how much stuff I really have and that most things fall into one of two categories: Either it’s books or it’s something connected to sewing – fabrics, paterns, ribbons, trims, beads… And most of the things I own are indeed useful or serve a purpose – I have hardly any decorational stuff that just stands around and collects dust, as I really hate to have too much clutter. So actually, most of the things I own are connected to one of my two major hobbies – reading and sewing (for fashiondolls as well.)

Still, I have filled seven boxes and four bags so far and all my clothes have yet to be packed. I have time until Monday – I’m going to Vienna on Tuesday and the boxes as well as some furniture will come on Thursday. And after a probably very stressful weekend, school starts next Monday! I’m excited, it’s so soon! I hope I’ll be able to settle down a bit until then….

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Moments of Wonder

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - giant

That is the motto of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Tyrol and I have to say, they were truly wonderful. At the entrance, one is greeted by the iconic giant and the rest is just as magical. There were walls filled with Swarovski Crystals, trees covered in them so it looked like ice, a huge dome filled with mirrors and changing lights, intricately embelllished dresses, models of different crystal shapes and more. It was all about these small stones and how they break the light just like real gems. It was a world filled with glistening and flashing light in all colours of the rainbow – truly enchanting.

Towards the end, there was a cross-section covering Swarovski’s history through showing various pieces using their stones  – jewellery, shoes, props, etc. Among them was the bra pictured in the last photo – one of my favourite items! :)

And as some things already look a bit old and faded, here are the good news: From October to April, the Crystal Worlds will be renovated and extended – I know what I’ll do next summer! :)

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - wall detail

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - Alexander McQueen tree

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - dome

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - dress

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - Empire State Building

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - model

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - jellyfish

Swarovski Crystal Worlds - bra

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365 photos


13.08.2014 – Summer, where are you?


14.08.2014 – wearing my Dolce&Gabbana dress to the Salzburg Festival


15.08.2014 – I made a skirt and a crop-top for my sister out of some fabric from Uganda


16.08.2014 – movie night with a friend


17.08.2014 – Bougainvillea and sunshine!


18.08.2014 – unfinished and (now) finished projects


19.08.2014 – Swarovski Crystal Worlds

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The 2014 Convention Collection and another Veronique

The IT Convention is one of the IT-collector’s highlights each year. I’ve never attended one, but always followed various flickr streams for the newest updates and glimpses of new dolls. And while I always want them to be great, I never want them to be too fabulous – for most convention dolls, especially the centerpieces, the secondary-market prices are simply too high and unafordable. But let’s see how it will be this year.. For now, the list of the dolls from this year’s collection has just been released:

  • Nocturnal Glow Veronique
  • Grandiose Natalia
  • Nightshade Kyori
  • Cold Shoulder Eugenia
  • Adorned Vanessa
  • Dark Moon Poppy Parker
  • La Ville Lumiere Simonetta Bertorelli

That means that a new character will be revealed – so exciting! Her name suggests Italian Bombshell (I would love that), her title is french tough… I’ll have to wait and see!

And now to the new Victoire “Sous les Tropiques”: She is available for both for WClub and non-WClub members and will be sold through a lotterie. I won’t enter, even though this time I could, she is just too basic for me. But the face and hair are really lovely.

sous les tropiques full

sous les tropiques face

sous les tropiques bikini

All pictures in this post are the property of Intergrity Toys, Inc.!

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