365 photos


13.10.2014 – blue and purple and fake fur


14.10.2014 – last stitches of my second school project, a skirt


15.10.2014 – That was awesome! I want to see the other version now as well…


16.10.2014 – Clean dishes, now they just have to dry


17.10.2014 – The fabric store is just 2 minutes away, Vienna half an hour.


18.10.2014 – Getting more and more confident each time I’m using a serger.


19.10.2014 – Studying for my first test, Textile-chemistry.


20.10.2014 – Sunrise

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Shopping and Planning

fabric shopping

I love making plans. Executing them is a different story, but I love to turn an idea into a concept and into an actual plan. One idea can venture into so many different directions!

Obviously, sewing offers a lot of room for planning and it may be my favourite part about it. Remember the Wardrobe Architect series by Sarai from Colette Patterns? I loved it. All the worksheets, the colour palettes – a dream! I also planned a capsule wardrobe for summer, but I only finished a couple of items that were on the list… Maybe she was too big? I don’t know. When something is on my mind for too long, it starts to get boring, and I turn towards other things. So even though I love exact planning, there always has to be some room for spontaneity and improvisation, that keep the motivation going.

So for this winter, I only have some vague plans. I do have some garments planned, I even have bought some fabric already (+ using some from my stash). But I don’t have a concrete idea, no master-plan. Every trip to a fabric store could bring up new ideas and I’ll welcome them with open arms. Let’s see if I find time for sewing in the next weeks!

Speaking of fabric stores – this photos are from my personal fabric heaven/hell. This store is just outside Vienna, it takes me an hour to get there, but it’s so worth it…. If you know approximatley what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices and confused by the offers – Try to find a fabric where the tag tells you its fibre content and then try to find it again. But the  prices are unbeatable. Seriously. You want to know what I got? Take a look at my instagram! (Dark green worsted wool made in Huddersfield, England for 4€/meter? Check!)


fabric shopping

rainbow colours


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50% Bolivia 50% Austria

bolivian poncho

My sister spent the whole September travelling around Peru, Bolivia and Brasil and bought this beautiful fabric for me at a market in La Paz. The lenght is approx. 2,5 meters and I decided to make a poncho (of course!) out of it. As a template, I used the poncho my mother got from my sister – 150cm long, the width is the same as the width of the fabric – lucky coincidence! There is a 80 cm long slit in the middle. I just had to finish one edge and the slit, as one edge was already serged. To add some details, I attached two different trims to each of the short sides of the poncho.

I don’t really know what else to write about this simple project, except that I love this poncho, especially because the fabric is so special to me. I think it’s wool, because it’s so warm, but I’m not completely sure. I still have some left, maybe I’ll make some shorts?… I also have to say that I usually don’t wear something with that many colours, but I love the way they are combined. It’s just perfect!

bolivian poncho side

bolivian poncho detail

Bolivian poncho back

bolivian poncho front

bolivian poncho folded

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365 photos


07.10.2014 – Instgram picture, sorry… healthy leftovers


08.10.2014 – black and white portrait


09.10.2014 – my neighbourhood


10.10.2014 – devoré fabric (from Surface Manipulation)


11.10.2014 – adding trims to a hem of a new sewing project


12.10.2014 – gifts from Peru and Bolivia


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The Two-Seasons Dress


The seasons come and go, and the fashion cycle never stands still: Twice a year, something new is discovered, a new mood, style, source of inspiration and translated into fashion, into a look. Others have similar ideas, a trend is formed. It lasts for a seasons, for two season, for a while. It might become a classic. Or it will be reinvented in 20+ years and everyone will say: “How new, how modern!”.

Last year, this trend was the revival of the 90ies, now you’re allowd to call anything from that era vintage. Grunge was the main theme, you couldn’t get past plaid. This year it looks more like the 60ies are coming to live again – with little shift dresses and mini skirts. And then there’s this dress.

I made it last year. I had made a full dress 2 years ago out of the plaid fabric, but it was stained and I had to throw it away, because I couldn’t remove the stains – and didn’t see them before making the dress. I didn’t throw away the whole dress though, I kept the sleeves. A year ago, I finally reused them for this dress. The main part is made out of black cotton flannel, nice and cozy, perfect for the cooler seasons. The pattern was form a Burda style magazine, I guess issue 8/2012, but I don’t know the exact number of the pattern. I’m currently making it again – well, currently is the wrong word. It’s the appliqué dress I started this summer. But the fit is so wrong and I have clearly no idea why – as you can see, I made this dress before and it fits well – I probably changed something and didn’t transfer the changes onto the pattern. Maybe I’ll have some nerves for fixing it soon…

So here it is, the 2-seasons dress, combining Grunge and the 60ies, totaly unintentionally, but very convenient. I have still some clothes left that I made some time ago and that were never photographed, I’ll see if I’ll take some pictures soon!

Update: I took new, better pictures (= brighter, not so grainy and they’re bigger now) and also added a belt in some of them – looks good as well!




Have a nice weekend!

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365 photos


30.09.2014 – glass beads


01.10.2014 – Berggasse 19, Sigmund Freud’s house


02.10.2014 – Café Central


03.10.2014 – patterned and coloufull scarves


04.10.2014 – bouquet out of garden flowers


05.10.2014 – patterns for historical clothes – very interesting


06.10.2014 – Dianne Brill Lipgloss

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Some New Dolls – Fashion Teen Poppy Parker

My mother visited me the last three days, so I was busy – in a good way of course. I didn’t have much time for the blog though, but I saw some promotion pictures of new dolls pop up and that saved me! (As if I had deadlines for my tiny blog…).

Anyways, the dolls (available for WClub only) are Fashion Teen Poppy Parkers, so they are the bigger ones, approx. 40 cm. The idea is that Poppy goes to the Fashion Shows in Paris, wearing vintage clothes from her Grandmother (the ‘real’ Poppy).  I listed them from best to worst and while I love ‘Fashionably Suited’ (very Chanel), I think ‘Floaty Dream’ is rather a nightmare – too peachy and too many ruffles… Her necklace is nice though!

Fashionably Suited

Fashionably Suited

Fashionably Suited

Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie

Sunny Splash

Sunny Splash

Sunny Splash

Floaty Dream

Floaty Dream

Floaty Dream

All images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

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