Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! I’ll be back next week, I hope all of you have a nice holiday!

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365 photos


08.04.2014 – columbines


09.04.2014 – old t-shirt, that was loved, but in a really bad condition and had to go


10.04.2014 – 17:55


11.04.2014 – deciding which earrings will come with me


12.04.2014 – Ready to go!

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La Grande Seduction

The First WClub exclusive doll for this year was just revealed this week: La Grande Seduction Victoire Roux. Again, only for WClub members. But it is April now and I’m excited about something else: I think it was mentioned some time ago, that the rest of the IT collection for this year will be revealed in April – so probably very soon. The FR collection (remember, all with the new, refined FR2 bodies!) as well as the Nu.Face are still missing…. I hope it won’t be during the next week though, because I’ll be on holidays – without internet access, which is relaxing, but not so funny if you might want to order sthg. that will be sold out within minutes!

la grande seduction victoire

la grande seduction victoire full

la grande seduction victoire extra

All pictures in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.

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365 photos


31.03.2014 – making the buttonhole for the waistcoat


01.04.2014 – I love his short stories!


02.04.2014 – pearl pendant from my grandmother


03.04.2014 – fresh linden leaves


04.04.2014 – my mother’s drawings for a bag for my niece


05.04.2014 – altering a reversible skirt for my sister-in-law


06.04.2014 – my brother wants some kind of protecting-bag for his bagpipe


07.04.2014 – snap fasteners

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Textured and Loose


My waistcoat (or would you say vest?) is finished! It took a long time, but I think it’s worth it. The original inspiration came form this Dries Van Noten vest from the spring/summer 2014 collection:


I thought it would be easier (and also cheaper) to make the pattern for it myself – loose fit, one dart (I needed two in the end) and a continous collar. Well that’s what I thought. It ended up being much more difficult, but at the same time, I learned quite a lot. So, all in all, I’m happy that I decided to create the pattern from scratch, even though there were some problems. One was that I wasn’t sure where to begin with the sewing- the darts are always first, but then? Shoulders or side seams? When will I join the collars together? And so on….

The fabric I used is actually home decor fabric. I got it for free some time ago and there was just enough fabric to make the waistcoat – I had to line the collar with another fabric because I didn’t have enough left. But that’s fine, because you can’t see it.


Another thing that caused some problems were the pockets. I’ve never made welt pockets with flaps before and even though I looked around on the Internet a bit, I still wasn’t completely sure how to make them. So I made something like a bound buttonhole, added the actuall pocket on the wrong side and attached a flap. They look alright  and I’m quite happy with them – only quite, because they are to narrow. I guess I must have measured something the wrong way, because I was convinced that they were big enough… Well, they aren’t and my thumbs have to stay on the outside if I want to put my hands into them – which itself isn’t a big problem, but when I look at them, the look so small… too small! I can’t (and won’t) change them anymore and I don’t think that it will be noticed much, but it’s something that bothers me.


Even though I sewed on a button and made a hole for it, I think I will wear the waistcoat open most of the time. Apropos, wearing! It looks much better on a person than on the hanger, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of myself today. Maybe some other time.



here you can see the lining of the collar and the front lining. The back is unlined, as there would be only the center seam to hide. And it is meant for summer, so it shouldn’t be too thick!


The last step was finishing the armholes with bias binding. It looks a bit wobbly and irregular in the pictures, but trust me, it’s not. :)


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365 photos


24.03.2014 – vintage charcoal holders


25.03.2014 – after a radical cut, my bougainvillea sprouts again


26.03.2014 – trying the lattice pattern from ‘The Art of Manipulatin Fabric’ (+ mistakes!)


27.03.2014 – rewatching GoT before season 4 begins


28.03.2014 – I neglected my dolls a bit lately….


29.03.2014 – looking for the right button for a waistcoat I’m currently sewing


30.03.2014 – covered apple pie


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Bohemian Fringes


This pictures are at least a month old – I made them right after I shot the blue dress. But better late than never, right? The jacket is made out of home decor fabric – very structured and very thick, but also very detailed. I lined the whole thing with unbleached cotton muslin and finished the armholes with bias binding (using a slip stitch) – there was no way I was going to stitch through 4 layers and make even and tiny stitches!


I added two layers of fringes (one longer and the other one shorter) and embellished the collar with beads and irregular embroidery stitches. I chose blue, because originally, I wanted the jacket to go toghether with the dress, where I used the same beads at the neckline and the hem. But, as you can see, I decided to pair it with a skirt made out of an old hankerchief, which I made ages ago. The jacket can also be worn as a dress, but only of those who dare! :)


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