Just a quick update:

Concerning school, I’m about to finish my trousers. All that is left is hemming, a button and a buttonhole. It is my first pair ever and I’m super proud of it. It fits perfectly! I’ll show you pictures soon, together with some of the skirt – it will get a buttonhole on Tuesday as well. The two pictures in this post are from our weaving class. These are pieces our teacher made, I don’t know if we’ll ever attempt this, maybe next semester. I really enjoyed weaving, maybe I’ll choose it as my main focus for next year?

Otherwise, there isn’t much going on in school, so I have time for some sewing at home. I’m halfway finished with a bagpipe-bag for my brother – we still need to discuss strap-placement together. And I’m also sewing a dress for myself, in fact it’s The Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I already made the gussets, they were not difficult at all (thanks to Gertie’s great tutorial on her blog), all that needs to be done now is sewing front to back, add facings and hem the dress. I hope it will be finished this weekend.

Also, my father visited me the last couple of days, which was quite fun: We went to an auction of antiques and talked about what we would buy and what we wouldn’t even want if it was a present. The auction was actually quite exciting, some pieces didn’t sell, but there was a (antique) golden chinese coffepot from the 18.Jh, which sold for 300.000€, while its starting price was 30.000€ – wow!

And one last thing – my doll family welcomed the newest addition today…. a big addition :) I’ll show you pictures of her soon!


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365 photos


19.11.2014 – Vienna is preparing for Christmas


20.11.2014 – a weaving from the other class


21.11.2014 – trying to explain why circle-skirts are draped the way they are draped


22.11.2014 – It was my Aunt’s birthday, I sent her an ‘e-card’


23.11.2014 – Congrats, Lewis!


24.11.2014 – Oil in water, the couscous was added later

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From Contacts to Contracts

kooperationsbörse - buttons

Last Friday I went with my class to the ‘Cooperation-fair’ in the Museumsquartier (MQ) in Vienna. This fair was all about wholesalers and craftsmen getting directly to designers, who could place orders, discuss prices or just simply have a look at what’s on the market currently.

I went there with no expectations and unprepared. My big graduation-collection will be made next year, so of course I have no idea now what I will make or what my theme will be. So I didn’t look for anything, I just looked around and was overwhelmed – especially by the amount of different buttons and trimmings that were offered. I know, this was a tiny fair, but still, I was confused and a bit lost, because, as I said, I didn’t look specifically for anything. So I was simply scrolling through fabric swatches and folders, took some cards from some sellers and some pictures.

What I did find was spring steel boning, something I haven’t yet seen in Austria before. Not too expensive, would be perfect for future projects, the only problem: You have to order at least 200 pieces. Well, maybe if more of my class decided to buy as well? I’ll see, but it’s always good to know where to get it when you need it.

Here are just some impressions of the fair, I nearly forgot to take pictures because I couldn’t stop looking! :)

Kooperationsbörse - white lace trims


Kooperationsbörse - silk swatches

Kooperationsbörse - hearts

Kooperationsbörse - white lace



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365 photos


11.11.2014 – fly front zipper-sample


12.11.2014 – It was much darker outside actually


13.11.2014 – Embroidery floss in the colours of the rainbow


14.11.2014 – French Patisserie – sooo delicious


15.11.2014 – Buch Wien, Vienna book fair (tiny in comparison to this!)


16.11.2014 – Edie in some of the ‘Mixology’-pieces


17.11.2014 – Italian pocket


18.11.2014 – My way home today was cold & rainy and it was already dark – no need for a sharp picture, that’s how I felt! :)

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The Mixology Collection

I present you the second Lassemista Collection, Mixology. Again, just a very small one, even smaller than the first one, just seven pieces – but my illness left me with little time to complete my goal.

So, the name already suggests it: It’s all about mixing. Different fabrics, different patterns, organic and moving shapes, all tied together with bead- and sequin-embellishments. To make the collection even more coherent, I used a restricted colour palette: red, blue and white, with some dashes of purple and black. Enjoy!

Look 1 – A simple A-line dress with a boat-neckline, together with a leather belt, embellished with beads and sequins in various shapes and colours.




Look 2 – A sleeveless top with an embellished and embroidered neckline and armholes together with a wide skirt. The skirt is tight at the hips and flares out, producing multiple pleats and changes its shape constantly. It is embellished with beads and sequins at one side.




Look 3 – A simple A-line dress with an embellished neckline, together with a broad leather belt.




Look 4 – A short dress with multiple pleats and loose shapes hanging from tthe actual bodice, embellished at the neckline and both sides with beads and sequins in various shapes and colours.




Look 5 – A wide, loose dress with a pleat at the neckline, pointy hem and ruched and embellished sides. The vest is made out of three different fabrics and fully lined. It has no closures, so it would need to be worn with a belt. Also please note that the dress is made for fuller-busted dolls, so it is actually a bit too big for Dynamite Girls!




Look 6 – A fake-fur top with parts of the back made out of the same fabris as the skirt, which has a pointy shape and is ruched and embellished at the sides.




Look 7 – A short dress with an inserted panel made out of contrasting fabric and an irregular hem – the front is straight, the back is pointy and one side is ruched. The seam between the two fabrics is embellished with blue sequins. A fake-fur-wrap completes the look.




Thank you for watching!

If you are interested in buying one of the outfits, send me an e-mail (elentari95 AT yahoo DOT com) to recieve more information.


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The Gloss Convention

So, so many dolls at this convention. I don’t know where to start. With the convention collection? The centerpieces? The new and updated Nu.Face? I think instead of posting all the pictures of every doll, I’ll just post my favourites here. I’ll limit myself to ten dolls, but we’ll see if there won’t be more. (If you want to see promo pictures of all the dolls, head over to Stratos’ blog,

Let’s start with the convention doll – a stunning Agnes. A very typical look for her, but the colour palette softens her looks a bit. Beautiful dress as well, it was inspired by Jason Wu’s current winter collection.

Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss

Intimate Reveal full

Intimate Reveal

Next up an Elise, again in a Jason Wu outfit. She was a centerpiece doll, and while she is beautiful, I think Agnes looks better – Elise’s make-up is kind of hard, with that strong eyeliner and eyebrows and her otherwise very pale colours.

Intrigue Elise Jolie

Intrigue full


Onto the Nu.Face. This line has been relaunched, very successfully I think! I nearly included all of the 4 dolls, but then I thought three will do as well. The first one is Giselle. Again, soft make-up and an edgy outfit. Those socks with those boots! So good.

Sensuous Affair Giselle Diefendorf

Sensuous Affair full

Sensuous Affair

Erin retured with a new sculpt and some 70s disco vibe. She was a Wclub Luncheon Giveaway doll and is redy to party. Her outfit is a bit basic, but her make-up is gorgeous.

Chrome Noir Erin Salston

Chrome Noir full

Chrome Noir

Ayumi has a new sculpt as well – she looks much more Asian now, which is great. All in all a very beautiful doll, very soft, but with a slight edge. I think she is my favourite from the Nu.Face – She looks like she has the most personality.

Evening Siren Ayumi N.

Evening Siren full

Evening Siren

After some very serious dolls, all in dark colours, what about some fresh, vibrant ones? The first centerpiece doll was a Vanessa, and she is stunning. Again very 70s (I mean, looks at her hair!), but so… refreshing and seemingly bursting with energy. She is in the top 3 of my favourites list.

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin

Sheer Sensuality full

Sheer Sensuality

The gift doll from that dinner was an Adele. Her darkest skintone, paired with the white suit is so edgy. The fur wrap is a bit out of place, but otherwise – great job. She is so fierce.

Le Smoking Adele Makeda

Le Smoking full

Le Smoking

Of course, there were also multiple Poppies, but none of them is as pretty as Starlight – most had outfits that are not my type at all. But this one – she’s perfect. Her hair, her make-up, her outfit (her tights!), everything looks so good together.

Starlight Poppy Parker

Starlight full


There was also an FR16, Hanne Erikson. I’m not the biggest fan of her sculpt, but this is the best version of her yet. Very sensuous, very sexy… Normally, I don’t like tan together with blond, but on her, it works. And generally, the bigger dolls are slowly winning my heart, in fact I have a FR16 on my radar right now…Let’s see what will happen and if she ends up at my home!

Afterhours Hanne Erikson

Afterhours full


And the last doll I chose (yes, only ten!) is the Welcome Doll. She does not have a name, but uses the old Erin sculpt and wears a nude jumpsuit togther with a cool (fake-) fur jacket. And a hat! I only have the full shot of her, but one can see that she’s beautiful.

Welcome Doll

Welcome doll, Erin

So, now what is my overall favourite doll from the Convention? I must say, I found the ones that were not a part of the Convention Collection way better than the ones from the actual Collection… Anyways, it’s really hard to decide. My top three are Vanessa, Agnes and Erin… or Ayumi? Hmmm, difficult. But I think the one I’d love to get most would be Agnes, even though she reminds me of older version of herself. I think the doll that represents the whole Convention best is Vanessa, because there were a lot of colourful, 70s inspired dolls – they are just not included here, because they aren’t really my thing. But let’s just say Agnes is my favourite and end this post! :)

All pictures in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

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365 photos


05.11.2014 – Akanthus, a certain type of baroque ornament


06.11.2014 – trying to fix a very stupid mistake


07.11.2014 – incredible and confusing paper-folding techniques


08.11.2014 – new dress in the making


09.11.2014 – Blake wearing a piece from the new mini-collection


10.11.2014 – dressforms in school

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