Last-Minute Gift: Fabric Baskets

fabric baskets1

Are you still looking for Christmas gifts? Maybe something handmade, something that is quick and easy to sew and requires only a small amount of fabric (perfect for stashbusting)?

Well, maybe you want to try these little fabric baskets. They are perfect for storing small things, wether it’s in your sewing studio or bathroom. And you can easily make them in various sizes and play around with different colour combinations and unexpected patterns. Another plus is that they come together quickly – they also work as last-minute gifts! For the baskets, first of all, you’ll need your template. Depending on the size you want, your measurements might vary, but mine (for the grey one) were:



Keep in mind that you want to fold the top over, so don’t make it too short!

fabric baskets2

Now cut your pieces out of the fabric of your choice, using the template as your guide. Don’t forget to add seam allowances! Also, cut out some fusible interfacing and adhere it to the wrong side of your pieces (I only had pink interfacing left…).


Next, sew the side seam and the bottom shut. Remember to leave an opening at the bottom on one of the pieces. Then take the two corners of the rectangle you cut out earlier and join them together, in order to form a right angle to the bottom. Get what I mean?

fabric baskets3

fabric baskets4

Repeat that on the other side and other piece and press all the seams. Next, put one piece into the other, so that both their right sides are facing each other – only the interfaced sides are visible. Sew the two top edges together and flip the pieces, so that the wrong sides are on the inside: Pull one piece through the gap on the bottom of the other one.

fabric baskets5

Sew the gap shut (either by hand or with the machine) and topstitch the edge. Press and you’re done!

fabric baskets6

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The Wiggle Dress

wiggle dress1

Another garment from Gertie`s New Book for Better Sewing is finished: The Wiggle Dress! I wanted to make it as soon as I layed my eyes onto this pattern,. The reason why it took me so long are the underarm gussets. They frightened me too much, so I never tried :). Until now and I’m so glad I did try them, as they weren’t hard to sew at all. Though I must say, that Gertie’s tutorial on her blog helped a lot – I’m not sure if I would have understood them otherwise. Also, I just realised that I haven’t included a picture of them here – I didn’t take one. On one gusset, the corners don’t meet up exactly, but otherwise they’re great – look good and do what they are suposed to do – give your arms the freedom they need :).

 wiggle dress2

Some technical aspects: The fabric is a cotton satin with a bit of stretch that I bought a couple of years ago. The pattern is very busy and therefore also quite forgiving – it completely hides all the seams, and I’m not 100% sure if all my darts really have the same length…

 wiggle dress3

I was to lazy to make a muslin for this dress and I just sewed it right as it came. I know, one should never do that, but I think I have adopted that from school – we never make muslins, but only because the patterns are drafted after our measurements! Anyway, the upper part was perfect, but I went at least a size down at the hips and maybe half a size at the waist. I removed all the exess fabric from the side seams and didn’t bother about the darts – again, a bit careless, but I was running out of time. I wanted to wear it on Thursday for my sister’s birthday and it was already Monday… I was hemming the sleeves and the hem in school on Tuesday.

 wiggle dress4

Due to this lack of time I also didn’t change the neckline anymore – It’s too tight, it hits my throat at a point were it’s already uncomfortable. But I did shorten the dress, I think about 5 cm.

 wiggle dress5

I think that is all I can say about this dress for now. I will certainly sew the pattern again – maybe in a fabric that doesn’t stick to my tights? I can’t really wear it during the winter – also because of the low neckline in the back – without a jacket it’s too cold, but why hide this beautiful detail? :)


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365 photos


08.12.2014 – fire and flames


09.12.2014 – waiting for the ‘definig chapter’ to begin


10.12.2014 – end credits, Thranduil morphing into Smaug


11.12.2014 – One of our teachers is a trained colour-analyst, but she couldn’t even say wether I was hot or cold, let alone Summer/Winter or Autumn/Spring… ha!


12.12.2014 – winter sun coming through a window


13.12.2014 – Christmas-Quilt in the making


14.12.2014 – fog in the evening (at 4 actually)

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And some more Dolls!

After the Chrismas Poppy, here are some more new IT releases – again, available only to WClub members. This time, they are not as festive, but still very pretty, especially Dania – I didn’t like her in the last collections (she actually took a break this year), but now she’s back in full glory. I’m not so sure about the Victoires, but finally some Misaki! Haven’t seen them for a while as well. What do you think?

Rare Appearance Dania Zarr



À la maison Victoire Roux

a la maison

Départ pour L’Orient Victoire


Misaki and Amelie:

Girls_Generation_3_Misaki and Amelie

Party Girl Amelie


Darling Girl Misaki



All pictures in this post are he property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


I saw the movie on Tuesday night. It was a double feature, first the Desolation of Smaug and then, at 23:59 The Battle oft he Five Armies (the only way to see it here in 2D and English – I get a headache from 3D and there’s no way I’m watching it synchronized!). So, what can I say about it? (Prepare for some rambling!)

Actually, I’m lost for words. I lived that movie. I felt so many emotions watching it: joy, excitement, anger, happiness, fear, nervousness, heartbreak… you get it. But it was so intense, I actually don’t remember much of it, like Smaug’s final speech for example. What was he talking about? Don’t ask me. It’s a bit like when you’re at a party or at a special event and you just remember small bits and that it was awesome, but you can’t list all the people you talked to, it’s a blur.


Another thing missing are my feelings towards this movie. It was epic, yes. But otherwise? What was my favourite part? What surprised me? I can’t tell. It’s like I’m in a dream, not being able to articulate exactly what I want to express. A bit like a vacuum – this literally is the end, but I haven’t quite grasped that yet. Sometimes during the movie, I was like “Shit, this really ist he last one, no more after that! It is final!”, but I sat through the end credits and walked out oft he cinema (at 02:30), not realizing that, hey, that was it! The End! I will always be able to return to the story, but there won’t be new places and characters to discover and it will be at home, on the small screen.

So basically the the point of this post is to tell you that I’ve seen the movie and to try to express my feelings about it (and reading what I wrote so far, I think I failed…). As you can see, I still haven’t yet quite ‘recovered’ from this epic, awesome, great, fantastic, amazing movie. I also don’t want to spoil anything. But please, if you are just remotely interested, go and see it. It’s so worth it: Not just one big battle as the title might suggest, but so many smaller, personal struggles and quite a lot of psychology. And I think I shouldn’t even start about the set design and the costumes and the character developement, I could write a whole essay about it – after seeing the movie again (soon, hopefully!)

All that is left for me to say now is namárië.


If you want to read my reviews of the past to films, click here for An Unexpected Journey and here for The Desolation of Smaug.

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365 photos


02.12.2014 – It was a bad day for taking pictures


03.12.2014 – I’ll post a tutorial on how to make these soon (spoiler – very simple!)


04.12.2014 – screen printing with a paper stencil – first attempt ever!


05.12.2014 – some things for Christmas, some for myself


06.12.,2014 – Need some new  Christmas ornaments?


07.12.2014 – The Velázquez exhibition at the KHM in Vienna was exquisite!

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That Holiday Feeling – Christmas Poppy

Poppy cloak

Christmas is coming faster than expected (as every year) and Integrity Toys celebrates with releasing a new Poppy Parker – “That Holiday Feeling”. She is for WClub members only and very pretty – I especially love the cloak, it’s perfect. The dress is very festive, like for a ball and the mistletoe brooch adds a nice touch (and matches her eye colour). The only thing I would change is the fur trim – it looks a bit fuzzy, something shorter and more delicate would have looked better, I think. But all in all, a very pretty Poppy and a nice change from the 70ies inspired Poppies we’ve seen lately.

Poppy face

Poppy full

Poppy dress

All images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

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