An Artist in Residence


There is a Textile Gallery (that’s also the name) right across the street were we live and every summer, there is an artist ‘in residence’. I love this installment, as I love to watch the creative process: One can come and go and just see how everything is made and how the workplace looks like – it’s so inspiring!

This year, for the third time, the artist is Edith Platzl. She actually teaches sewing and working with textiles as well as drawing at a school, but on the side, she works as a textile artist. She calls her work ‘drawing with the sewing machine’ and that is literally what she does: She has some sketches as a reference, but the rest is just created on the machine. She sews both on fabric and paper (sometimes into her sketchbooks) and often uses colours additionally to the otherwise black thread.

I’ll just share some pictures from the last three years here – not so much of her actual work, but more of her sketches and workspace, which I find even more interesting!






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365 photos


15.07.2014 – Sebastian Vettel’s “Hungry Heidi”, his RB9


16.07.2014 – It waited for me when I came back from Vienna – I love it!


17.07.2014 – Looking for some new stuff for the flat at IKEA


18.07.2014 – wrought iron


19.07.2014 – work in progress


20.07.2014 – a delicious backberry cheesecake

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Vienna once more


Last week I was in Vienna, looking for a small flat or a flat-share for this autumn and I actually found something! Friends of ours have a spare flat in their raised ground floor and I had a look at it – it was beautiful! The house is an Art-Deco villa, a bit outside of the city, but close to my school and there are very good public transport connections to the centre. It’s really big and very light – not dark or damp, sthg. you might expect in a raised ground floor flat. There are two big rooms, with a tiny bathroom and an extra room, which is not in the flat anymore, but I’m allowed to use it for my sewing – how cool is that! Unfortunately, it’s only 85% sure that I will get it, but we are all very optimistic. I so hope that I’ll be able to move mid-August!

I leave you with a couple of pictures form various shops in Vienna: Duft&Kultur (my mother’s absolute favourite), Lena Hoschek and the finnshop (marimekko).







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365 photos


09.07.2014 – on my way to Vienna


10.07.2014 – so beautiful


11.07.2014 – looking for a new notebook


12.07.2014 – sunset


13.07.2014 – bicycle helmet


14.07.214 – red & turquoise

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Doll News

While I was away, I missed some new releases by Integrity. Over the weekend was the IDFC (International Fashion Doll Convention) in Las Vegas and IT presentd 3 more Poppy Parkers – Rememeber, it’s her fifth anniversary. Additionally, there is a new Victoire Roux doll, called Prêt à Partir and she is an IT Direct Exclusive. But let’s first have a look at the Poppies: They feature a new eye screening and a slightly different body – now they have high-heeled feet instead of the flat ones, which makes it easier to share shoes with other dolls, such as DG and Nu.Face. All wear festive clothes and are ready to celebrate.

Evening Ingenue

Evening Ingenue full

Evening Ingenue face

It Girl

IT Girl full

IT Girl face

Glamorous Darling

Glamourous Darling full

Glamourous Darling face

IT Direct Exclusive: Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux

Prêt à Partir full

Prêt à Partir face

Prêt à Partir

Isn’t she glamorous? So pretty and I love the interesting jacket. Gloves in that size are always tricky, I would have left them out. But otherwise, fabulous!

All images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

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365 photos


02.07.2014 – reflections


03.07.2014 – One paper is finished!


04.07.2014 – Mozartsteg


05.07.2014 – for my new phone


06.07.2014 – apricot-pie


07.07.2014 – The unglamorous back of my diorama


08.07.2014 – I went out into the rain and came back soaked from head to toe

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fotos 133

The semester is over (no more exams) but there still is a paper that I have to finish and another one that I have to hand in. I’m writing a praragraph a day, making slow progress. And I’ll go to Vienna next week, looking for flats. So it’s not like I don’t have anything to do. But still, I’m taking it slow this week. Sleep long, read much, go to the cinema or just watch tv (it’s the wm, after all). I’m even too lazy to sew: I’m now very close to finishing the appliqué dress, but I had to modify the fit again – which is strange, as I already made it twice before and the fit was alright then. As far as I remember – I probably just forgot my alterations and didn’t mark them on the pattern, how stupid :).

So, there isn’t really anything exciting to blog about, but I’ll hopefully have some new stuff ready after the 14. Meanwhile, I’m relaxing in the sun (but it looks like rain, too bad) and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great next week!

fotos 132

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