Dachlandschaft Graz

I was in Graz for a couple of days, visiting my Grandmother – I haven’t seen her in a long time, so it was nice to spend some time with her again! It felt like the holidays, the weather was good, I visited all of my favourite old places… happy days!



If you have been to a couple of bigger european cities, you’ll definitely notice a pattern: There is always a part of the city with buildings dating back to 1850-1900. It was the time when the population grew rapidly, when cities expanded and there was the need for more residential buildings. The Ringstraße in Vienna is a good example, the glacis was transformed into a boulevard with the opera house, theaters, museums, the townhall, etc. In other cities, like in Graz, there was a focus on homes, not on representative buildings. Nevertheless, they gave the city a typical ‘european’ look and are just really beautiful!

My grandmother lives in Geidorf, one of the histoicism quarters, and as I visited her, I had plenty of time to wander around and take pictures of my favourite facades. Don’t you just love the colours? Many are being renovated now, the flats are divided, there are lifts on the back (most buildings have four or more floors). I do hope that they keep the high ceilings and double-winged doors, it would be a shame to loose these unique features! They always make me feel like I’ve stepped into the past. And low ceilings are generally just the worst thing ever.






Frost Saints


Do you know who the Frost Saints are? Do you even call them like that in english? I’m talking about the last cold days in May, after it has already been warm, but before summer starts – the black-thorn winter. They are usually around Pentecost and are much hated by everyone: I do love their crazy names though: Mamertus, Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius, and, especially, Cold Sophie. I think they are somewhat inspiring… hmmm, gives me ideas! But enough with the folklore, the reason why I’m talking about them now is because I have one last winter dress to show you, which I wore quite a lot recently – before it’s going to be too hot and I’ll have to put it away for this season.

The dress is another La Sylphide! This time in the right size, but without the tie. I really liked the neckline on the pattern and wanted to see how it looked like without the tie: Whether it would gape or look strange or be too low. But I can assure you, it looks lovely – I might even prefer it like that! To finish the neckline I made a simple facing and under- and topstitched it, to make absolutely sure it wouldn’t peek out. I had alreday cut the tie before I decided to leave it off, but thought it might work as a belt as well – which it does! The fabric is a beautiful cool wool with a subtle herringbone pattern, which gives it a striped effect. The colour doesn’t really come across in these pictures, but it’s a mix of dark grey, chocolate and dark teal – very pretty.

This certainly was not the last version of this pattern – I just love it too much! Now that I’ve pretty much nailed the fit (there is always room for improvement), I can’t wait to make a summer-version and another one and another one… :)

La Sylphide - Papercut

La Sylphide - papercut

La Sylphide - Papercut

La Sylphide - Papercut

Almost Halfway Through

I’m almost halfway through with my May challenges, so here is quick update!

Me-Made-May is going well. The first week was a bit difficult, because I mostly stayed at home, studying – and I don’t really dress up for that and I don’t have any handmade pyjamas or loungewear (note to self: make some comfortable, stay-at-home clothes!). This week on the other hand is fantastic: Me-made on all four days so far! I’m also already noticing the biggest gap in my wardrobe: trousers, especially jeans. I have the Ginger jeans ready to cut, but I think I just need a little bit more time before I commit to it. I also need more blousey-tops/woven t-shirts: I made one out of the Liberty Lodden and I’ve been wearing it constantly, but I need more.

kuretake gansai tambi

The second challenge was to draw something each day. I did well at the beginning but missed a few days recently: I had my exams and just couldn’t make enough time to do a little sketch. I probably still should have, but I can’t change that now. But my exams (well, one third) are over now, so it’s back to regular drawing! And guess what arrived today… My Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolour set! Straight from Japan. I’m so happy, I can’t wait to try them out. They are heavenly :)

On a final note: I will be in Graz over Pentecost, and won’t have Internet access. So I’m taking a small break, but I’ll see you again next week!



Today was my niece’s baptism – the whole family came from Salzburg especially for that occasion (haven’t seen them in over a month). It was definitely my favourite day, as all I’ve been doing otherwise this week was studying for my final exams, which are tomorrow (and Tuesday and Wednesday). And this is only one third of it, the rest are end of May and end of June. But anyway, today was awesome – and look at all the food: Those were only the leftovers :)


This April, I…


  • finished, printed and finally handed in my diploma thesis
  • and the portfolio of my collection
  • cut into my precious Liberty fabrics
  • bought two new pairs of shoes
  • enjoyed the warm spring weather
  • visited the editorial offices of a local newspaper
  • ordered the most wonderful set of watercolours
  • made pair of shorts for my sister
  • got a positive answer for an internship in June and July
  • fell in love with brush lettering

pink gras

diploma thesis




bondi harvest cookbook

The Bondi Harvest cookbook found its way home :) It was a birthday present from my parents and I’m so happy it finally arrived. I already tried one of the recipes (wild rice, pickled zucchini and mozzarella salad – delicious) and its generally just a beautiful book to flick through: I love the relaxed vibes of their youtube channel and that feeling also comes across with this book. Would definitely recommend it!