Some Favourites

I know that I said I wouldn’t post promotional pictures of Integrity Toys dolls anymore. But in the last couple of months, IT released some new collections and some dolls are seriously gorgeous and worth sharing. I might do this update a couple of times a year, just sharing my recent favourites. My own Fashion Royalties are back in their boxes now and will have to stay there until September… I miss randomly playing with them already!

My absolute favourite of them all is definitely “Voltage” Erin S. She’s from the new Nu.Face collection – the whole set of 5 is beautiful, but she is the best of them all. Her clothes, her accessoires, the hair colour and of course her face – amazing! I had absolutely zero chance of getting her, she was sold out immediately (2 hours later was way too late). Let’s see if I can still get her second hand, but I doubt that – at least not for a reasonable prize, as she seems to be quite popular!




“Polarity” Nadja R. is another Nu.Face and second on my list. While the clothes are alright (the skirt…hmmm), her face is absolutely stunning. I will definitely try to get her second hand, I hope she won’t be as popular as Erin!




Another one that I really like is “Super Natural” Anais McKnight, an FR16. She has the same sculpt my Adriana has, but her attitude is totally different: She looks so subtle, elegant, soft… Very beautiful. I’m still thinking about repainting Adriana and I might go into this direction with her.

super natural1

super natura

And now for the Poppies! Wonderfully 60ies this time. I actually think that the 60ies suit her much better than the 50ies (her ‘original’ decade). “Go See!” is easily my favourite of them all, it’s just so fun and young and fresh. I could do without the curl, though.

go see

go see1

I decided to add another Poppy to the list to have 5 favourites (the FR didn’t completely convince me). So here is “Out of this World”: Very interesting and special. The clothes are maybe a tad too much, but I’m surprised that I actually like her really cold colour palette. Silver smokey eyes? Yes please!

out of this world1

out of this world

(All pictures on this post are the property of Integrity Toys Inc.!)



This July, I…

Alte Donau

– finished my second semester at fashion school

– started a 4-week long internship at the Austrian television

– sewed a lot

– went swimming countless times

– invited my sister to visit me for a couple of days

– suffered in the heat

– still got a nasty cold (I hate air conditioning)

– packed all my stuff and got ready for the move

– celebrated my niece’s birthday

– was close to becoming a victim of Internet fraud

the best salad ever



MIssion Impossible: Rogue Nation World Premiere




moving out & on


You know what that is? Ok, that’s easy. It’s a mechanical toy, a koi, in an empty bookshelf. But do you know what that means? Well, let me tell you. Not too difficult either:

I’m moving. Again! And just like last time, I’m moving out now, depostiting all my stuff at my brother’s over the summer and will move into my new flat in the middle of September. There are a couple of reasons for that, but I won’t bore you with the details. And I don’t really have time for that now anyway: I’m packing, as well as trying to sell my closet and find my camera, sewing for relatives (post coming up), interning at the Austrian television and, most importantly, trying to get enough sleep.

I know I haven’t posted anything about the Hungrarian Grand Prix yet (where’s the time?), but have scheduled a couple of ‘easy’ posts for this and the next week. Please don’t loose your faith in me, I’m just trying to stay sane and not loose everything in this chaos. I seriously can’t wait for Saturday (I have to have all my things out of this flat by then) and for the real holidays – the internship ends this Friday. Some very relaxed weeks in Salzburg are ahead of me and I’m very looking foreward to them. But for now, back to packing.



Why are all baroque castles in Austria painted yellow? (I actually have no idea, I need to ask my father.) But seriously, it’s funny that they are all painted in the same shade: a bright, saturated, slightly orangey yellow (sometimes it’s already a bit faded). The castles which are located in the Marchfeld (an area north of Vienna, with a lot of agriculture, “Austria’s granary”) are no exception. I visited a couple of them some weeks ago, while my parents were coming for a visit.

Our first stop was Schloss Orth (not to be confused with the one in Gmunden!). There was an interactive exhibition about Orth and its history. Orth is also called the “Gateway to the Wetlands” and we actually went there because of the park behind the castle – they created a small theme park about the Danube and its floodplains. There were ponds with native turtles and water snakes, an enclosure with some strictly protected Ziesel (ground squirrels) and frogs everywhere. From tiny to big, almost toad-like ones.  At first, we played “Spot the frog” and then “Catch the frog”…. After a lot of failed attempts I actually caught one! Needless to say, my niece loved it. But she was especially intrigued by the underwater observatory: They built it inside a pond, so you could see all the fish and the plants and everything like in an aquarium – but a “real” one.


Donau-Auen: Orth

underwater - Orth

Spot the frog!

spot the ziesel

Donau Auen - Orth


Next, we visited Eckartsau – the most beautiful castle of them all. It is often rented for weddings and I can totally see why. Again, there was a small exhibition about hunting in Danube’s floodplains – all the castles used to be hunting lodges for the aristocrats. Some of them must have been truly obsessed with it… There was a room stuffed with trophies, all shot by one person. So sad, but at the same time strangly fascinating. All the animals that used to live in this area! Thank god it is a protected zone now.




After lunch at a Heuriger (wine tavern would be a good translation), we stopped at Niederweiden, but it was closed – it’s only open once a week and there was a renovation going on.


So we continued to Marchegg – our last stop. This castle is famous for the storks that come here every year. And we saw so many! They were everywhere, some trees had 4 nests – all with young storks, not yet quite ready to fly. Maybe they are now. As we sat on one of the observing platforms, we saw two foxes approaching two storks that were hunting for frogs (?) in the meadow. That was exciting! My brother brought some binoculars, so we could follow what was happening. But actually nothing happened. At the beginning the storks were very nervous, trying to move away and the foxes came closer. But then the birds flew a bit further down the gras and the foxes gave up. One of them was very small, so probably not yet experienced enough to take up the challenge of a real hunt.





It was a wonderful day with my favourite people. In retrospect, well worth the heat in the car and missing the GB Grand Prix, I think!

Keep Cool

keep cool

An easy t-shirt dress to conquer the heat…The pattern is self-drafted, used previously here. The only change I made was adding breast darts, to give it a bit more shape. Still, it has to be worn with a belt, as it looks like a sack otherwise. I had hardly enough fabric for it (it was a remnant), so I omitted the set-in sleeves and made little kimono sleeves instead. I also added two mother-of-pearl buttons at the neckline, simply for decorative reasons. I love the fabric! It is slightly sheer (going to wear a nude bra underneath it next time) and wrinkles easily. But it has a very cool, slightly mysterious, symmetrical border print to make up for that – like the lagoon at night. And am I the only one seeing Wolverine’s claws in the first picture?…  It wasn’t even a meter but I still managed to squeeze this dress out. I made it in one evening, despite the french seams and hand-sewn hem. A very quick make and it has served me well (and several times) so far.

keep cool

keep cool

keep cool

keep cool