A New Beginning!

Hi everyone!

I recently decided to start an new blog! (I had an other one, which was a joke, really).

This blog’s main subject will be fashion dolls – It’s a passion of mine, I started collecting 2 years ago. My collection is still very, very small, but I hope I will be able to enlarge it a bit more soon.

I also make dollfashions (someday I’m probably going to sell them too) and dioramas. I am recently working on a huge stairs-diorama, I’ll also post some work-in-progress pictures here as well as the final result of course!


*Update: It’s always nice to see how it all began… Obviously, the focus of this blog has moved quite a bit in thepast years, but if you made it all the way back to this first post, then you’ll know this already anyway :)


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