Stairs, stairs, stairs

Today I’ll write about the stairs-diorama I already mentioned in the first post.
I actually don’t know when I decided to make this diorama. I guess, I just felt that my dolls needed some better background for the photos, something that would be very versatile and ‘basic’, so I could change the entire look easily. In the easter-holidays I travelled to Italy and there the idea to build a stairs-diorama struck me. So I made this first sketch. I think I’ll probably won’t make the columns though.

Next, I cut out the walls and taped them together, so I could see how big it would be (Actually, I had to size it down a bit -it was huge!).

Then, I cut the stairs out of a … I actually don’t know how this material is called, all I know is that it was probably not very suitable for what I wanted to do with it – it was extremly hard to cut , they even suggested to cut it with a saw! After I had cut out all the single stairs, I attached them to the ‘base’.

That’s how it looks like now!

In the coming week I’m going to put plaster on the walls and insert the doors. I’m also not sure whether I should cut a window into the backwall!? Any suggestions?

Here some photos with Alba (Chill Factor Eltin), who already enjoys the (unfinished!) diorama:

Nice Sunday everyone



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