Light Blue Coral

Last week I was in St. Malo and Paris, therefor I had little time with my dolls, but today I’ll post some pictures of my newest finished dresss for Naomi!

I Never made a long dress before, as I’m always struggling with the shape of the skirt. But because I had a very light fabric in my stash (polyester crepe) and because it is summer, I decided to make a wide circle skirt.

I knew from the beginning on that I wanted to embroider the upper part of the dress. First sketch:


I was actually inspired by a wallpaper – the wallpaper in Sherlock’s living room, from the BBC series “Sherlock“.


I changed it a bit while stitching, but I’m still happy with the result. That’s how it turned out:


It’s actually quite different, but I think you can still see the insiration..

Now some pictures of the whole dress!


ImageImageAnd I also got the confirmation for Luchia! She’s ready to be shipped!! I’m already soo excited, she’s my first FR2! :)


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