Last weekend I was working on a shorts-pattern and I’m finally finished!

Although I did make trousers for my dolls before, I startet from the beginning and didn’t just shorten the older pattern. I also wante to make high-waisted shorts, because then the there is no problem to sit down – oherwise, the trouseres will slide over the doll’s bottom!

So I started measuring and drawing and when I thought it was ready, I cut the pieces out and made a first muslin. And surprisingly, I only had to redraw the waistband, but the rest was perfect! This normaly never happens therefor I was of course very pleased with the result.

Actually, I wanted to make a suit with shorts instead of long trousers, so I’m currenty working on a patteren for the jacket.

I fitted the shorts on Alba, so she’s also modeling it – Blake was in the last post, so it’s Alba’s time now.

And I’m sorry for the not-so-good qualety, but I just wanted to photograph the shorts as soon as they were finished!

As you can see in the last picture, I also lined the shorts – it just gives a much nicer finish.

Oh, and when I look at he pictures, I think the next pair has to be shorter – they’re shorts after all! But anyway, I’m quite happy with them.

Have a nixce week everyone!


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