Klimt & Burroughs

As promised, a post about the exhibitions I visited.

First, the Klimt exhibitions. It’s Klimts anniversary this year, so there are a lot of exhibitions not only in Vienna, but in the whole country. I went to 3 of them – in the Belvedere, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and to the Volkskunde Museum.

I wasn’t aloud to take any pictures of the actual paintings in the Belvedere, but you can see some of the building in my last post. There were many famous painting I already knew like the Kiss, the Sunflower, Judith and Salome, but also many early ones and a lot of old photographs.

In the khm there was somethig very special: Klimt had painted some parts of the wall in the entrance hall, but you could hardly see them because the were in the hight of ca. 5 meters. Therefor they built (only for this year) a special bridge so you could see the painting ‘face-to-face’. My favourite was the girl next to Athena.

I also visited the exhibition ‘Cut-ups, Cut-ins, Cut-outs’ – William S. Burroughs in the Kunsthalle.

I’m a huge On the Road fan – in Paris I was in the Mueum of Letters and Manuscripts (there was a special exhibit about the book), so I just had to see this one. And I was NOT disappointed :) There were shortfilms, paintings, manuscripts,….

I didn’t know much about Burroughs and about his way to write, but the exhibition was very informative and know I definitely have to read some of his books.

As I just mentioned, I LOVE ‘On the Road’, I’m soo looking forward to the movie. And as Viggo Mortensen, one of my favorite actors, is playing Old Bull Lee/William Burroughs, how could I resist? :)


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