Black & Gold

Dolce & Gabbana’s winter 2012 collection was my inspiration for this shot. Black fabrics with beautiful gold embroidery.

(pictures by

I personaly love the combination black/gold, as it looks so elegant an luxurious. Therefor I decided to shoot Cersei in front of this beautiful old tapestry.

I struggeld a bit with the light and focus, as the flash made her skin look orange.

Cersei wears her own dress together with a jacket I made last year. I wanted to make a ‘3 Musketeers’ outfit for Alba, but I never quite finished it.

The jacket wasen’t finished when I took the picture, but now it is!

I also realised that Cersei’s sculpt looks a bit like Aymeline Valade (2nd picture, but not so much in this picture – there are someones, were it’s more obvious), one of my favorite models. I can’t change her name now, but if I’ll ever get another ‘new’ Luchia (or the Fashion’s Night Out Doll 2011), she’ll be called Aymeline for sure! Oh, and I’m already very excited about Dolce&Gabbanas Summer fashion show tomorrow!

Happy weekend everyone!




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