One of my goals for this fall was to hike a bit more and enjoy the nature generally. So last weekend, I went to St. Gilgen at the Wolfgangsee, to hike to the top of the Zwölferhorn. I first stopped at the Weißwand, the view was amazing (but nothing in comparison to the view from the top.. you’ll see!).

Parts of the way up were very steep and the beginning was quite exhausting, but eventually I adaped to it. But I chose to go up on foot, and not with the cablecar!

I also saw some cows, horses and sheep – there was even a cute black lamb running around.

Now look at the view!

Simply amazing. I dond’t think I could live somewhere with no mountains at all..

I really enjoyed the hike and I hope I’ll be able to post about an other hiking-experience soon!






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