Tropicalia Convention

The Fashion Royalty Convention 2012 started yesterday, I thought I might share the official Convention-Collection pictures here with you! I would soo love to attend one day, just imagine, dolls everywhere! (:

Ok, so about the collection.. I had somehow high expectations because of their names and the theme generally and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. I mean, I don’t now how any of these girls look like in reality (although I have seen ‘real’ photos of them), so I might not be able/allowed to judge… But I also have to say that it’s good I don’t love them all, as the  already long doll-wish list would get even longer (: !

First, the one I was most curious about (and now most disappointed): Infallible Dasha, FR2

Lady In Red Erin, DG (I liked her a lot – I guess she’s my favorite from the main collection)

All In White Colette, DG

Main Event Adele, FR

Haute Societe Veronique, FR

Peak Season Kyori, FR

Sweet Victory Natalia, FR

Hot Dots Poppy Parker

The the centerpiece doll from the first dinner, yesterday evening: Force of Nature Agnes

… and the table gift, Wrap-ture Anja

And the last 2 dolls (for now!): From the Poppy-Luncheon, the centerpice, Sea Breeze Poppy Parker

and her new friend, Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence

That was it for now… if you want up-to-date information, go to flickr and look for shugashugs, nevraforevers or JennFLs fotostream! Happy weekend!

All picture are property of Integritytoys






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