Last weekend, I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair! It was an amazing experience. I was only on saturday at he fair, so this post is only about the city and the next one will be about the fair.

My uncle lives in Frankfurt and he invited me to stay at his place – very close to the center of the city, what was great. But I have to say, I don’t like the city very much. There was no real ‘old’ center, and although the skyscrapers looked really cool, they somehow looked out of place…. I prefered them at night, when they were illuminated. And as you can see, there are building sites everywhere! I also saw thw new building of the EZB, wich will be finished soon.

On friday, I went to see ‘On The Road’! They only play it in 3 cinemas in Austria and none of them is in a city less than 3 hours away – so I decided to see it in Frankfurt!

It was amazing. I had very high expectations and they are all fulfilled. The actors were very good – Garrett Hedlund (my all-time-favorite since Troy) – perfect as Dean as well as Viggo Mortensen (second favorite) as Old Bull Lee. I’m not so sure about the way they showed Sal Paradise (nothing against Sam Rileys perfomance, it’s more about the script)  – although he is the narrator, in the book he is much more involved and not so passive. I also think it’s sad that many fun things were completely cut out – I missed the long, never-ending, discussions Carlo always had with Dean, just as an example..

Anyway, great movie, I can only recommend you to watch it. But you should maybe inform yourself a bit about the Beat-generation before, otherwise you’ll be surprised – it’s much more than a normal road-movie! (:


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