Diorama Update

So here is the promised update..

First, I finished the floor, only the color is missing (just like at the walls). I used little rectangles cut out of a rough cardboard, and glued them onto the cardboard-floor – like paving stones. It was such a pain to do that! They had to match up of course, and then I ran out of material… I made one half of it in one ‘rush’, but afterwards I was so bored of it, I didn’t do anything for a month. I eventually finished it and then I covered everything with a mixture of plaster and sand. Although that was my original plan, it was somehow hard to do it – you still see each rectangle, and it’s much smoother now, but it felt a bit like the endless cutting and glueing was a waste of time… Anyway, here is the floor! Without paint, but I think the long work did pay of.

I also finished the right wall and the one in the back. As I wrote before, both of them will get some color. I wanted the right wall to look really old, with holes in the plaster and stuff like that and I’ll also try to achive this ‘used’ look with paint. I’m still not sure about the colors for the 2 walls, I think I’ll make them light grey and a slightly darker tone, maybe with a blue/green hue.

And I also finished the door, but it is still has no color or doorknob. To make it more interesting and go with the theme/inspiration I have in mind (more about this when it’s finished – hopefully in 2 months!), I cut out a relief and with newspaper and paste I fixed it on the door. I bought some small hinges and attached them, too. The front is the one with only one ‘swirl’, the back has 3. Can you already guess, what my inspiration is? 


The next important part is the left wall with the big gate. I think I’ll also cut out a window… Then I have to make the small alley behind the back wall, color will come afterwards, as well as a banister for the stairs and the ‘balcony’. I hope I’ll be able to finish it in time, but I’m confident. I’m just not allowed to ‘forget’ about it, but always work a little on it! :)

Have a nice sunday!




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