The Hobbit – a review (spoilers!)

I just saw The Hobbit.. I tried not to read to many reviews, as I heard that many people criticize the movie – I wanted see it first and then judge for myself. But, before I do that I think I might just start at the very beginning!


 It all started when I was 7-8 years old ( I really can’t remember): I read ‘The Little Hobbit’. The book once belonged to my brother and it was a rather old version – from 1992. Back then, I liked the book and the characters but I didn’t really care about how the story would go on – I guess I knew that there was a ‘sequel’, but as we didn’t have it at home and I was too young to read it anyway, I didn’t think much about it.

So my love for Middle-earth began approx. 5 years ago – I saw The Lord Of The Rings for the first time. I was to young when it came out (I was in primary school) and therefor I was a bit ‘late’ seeing it. But nonetheless, it was like love at the first site. I watched the 3 films in a row, with only one night as a break – I hated to go to sleep, as (this time!) I wanted to know how the story continues. After I finished it, I could not forget it. I gathered information about anything Middle-earth related. I read the books (I have now the ‘long’ version with all the extras about the language, the calendars, etc) + the Silmarillion. I also have ‘The Children of Húrin’ illustrated by Alan Lee, ‘Unfinished tales of Númenor and Middle-earth’ and the maps from Middle-earth and Wilderland. I even own an elvish dictionary! Even my blog-name is elvish: Lassemista describes the color ‘leaf-grey’ – I would say a soft grey with hints of green… like the backside of Mallorn-leaves.

 As I already wrote before, I never saw The Lord Of The Rings on the big screen. I always hoped for it, but (of course) they never played it – why should they? But now they had a reason – the Hobbit is coming! So I took the chance and spent the entire last Sunday in cinema – they played all three film in a row + it was the extended version!! It took 11 hours and when I came out of the cinema (of course there were breaks too) I was slightly surprised that I was still in Salzburg and not somewhere on a horseback in Rohan :D

 Anyway, I think I will talk from time to time about The Lord Of The Rings again, but now something about The Hobbit! The book is actually quite different from LoTR, especially the mood – much more funny, as it is a children’s book. Therefor, I also expected the movie to be different – and I never thought it could be as epic as the LoTR-trilogy, and it certainly wasn’t. But don’t get me wrong! I loved it. I liked the beginning (criticized by many, but I think an introduction is necessary and the images were beautiful – Dale, Erebor, Thranduil..), the ‘party’ at Bilbo’s, the trolls and Rivendell was fantastic as always. It was so good to see Elrond for once not as melancholic and pessimistic as he is in LoTR!

But there are also some things, I did not like – like the strange white Orc. Was he even an Orc? His scares looked so unrealistic and actually he himself too. That’s something that also bothered in the goblin-cave-scene. I thought they were orcs too, but they look more like mini-trolls…. Although they were very well made, I would have prefered some creatures like the ones in Moria. But Gollum! He was great! Even better than in the trilogy! ‘I’ve got only five teeth’ – I loved the game of riddles (:

And there is one last thing I have to criticize – the music. I did like the dwarf-theme very much, as well as there songs – I couldn’t stop watching the trailer, only because of the song and the amazing music afterward! Therefor I had of course high expectations, also because Howard Shore made such a beautiful soundtrack for LoTR (I’m listening to it all the time). But I was disappointed.. There was so much ‘background-music’ without any specific theme and they reused a lot of old themes – like the Fellowship-theme at the end. Couldn’t they come up with something new?

But certainly the worst thing about this movie is that I have to wait a year to see how it continues and then half a year again until the trilogy is over!! But what an end – Smaug’s beautiful eye! Looks like there is a blue dragon about to become the most beautiful and dangerous one in movie-history! + Benedict Cumberbatch …. At least he will be the one with the most extraordinary and (I know I used this word quite a lot lately!) beautiful voice! :D

Have a nice weekend, I guess I’m still somewhere in Middle-earth (preferably Rivendell!)


(not my Pictures!)


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