skies #1


Salzburg, 30.12.2012, 16:01

I love the sky. I’ve never seen the same one twice – the colors, the clouds, everything is different and each time new. It doesn’t only change with the seasons, but also with the time of the day. I think skies are most beautiful with some clouds, shortly before sunset – I’m not a huge fan of dramatic sundowns, but I love it when everything has a soft pink or peach hue and the sky slowly turns dark…

Anyway, I decided to introduce a new feature on my blog – skies. I’ll upload at least one photo a week (sometimes maybe more) and add place, time and date. Most of the pictures will probably be from Salzburg! I will upload older photos as well, because that will make it easier for me – I don’t have to find a beautiful sky every week, as sometimes the weather just doesn’t work. Most of the photos will also be slightly edited – you can see this in the pictures here, the buildings are nearly black. But I only make them darker, so it looks a bit more spectaculer + my camera isn’t very good at capturing different tones of light and making the pictures darker helps!


Salzburg, 18.12.2012, 15:34

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