Statement Earrings

You may know by now, that I am a huge Dolce & Gabbana fan – I love nearly everything they make. This summer collection was no exeption and I especially found their striped dresses very inspiring, as well as their huge earrings. (pictures by


So when I saw some earring-frames, I immediately knew what I would do with them!


I don’t have a tutorial for you, but making the earrings is really easy, the only time-consuming thing is making the tassels. But I finished the red ones in an hour! I actually bought ready-made earrings and just cut the threads and added the beads/tassels, but I think you could also find the frames in a craft-store. So after I removed the old threads, I restringed the frames and added the coins and beads/tassels and sequins. Nothing easier than that!

I am already looking forward to the show on sunday, I hope they’ll have another Italy-inspired collection – but I’ll be happy and probably amazed by anything they’ll come up with! :)


And I also bought two new sunglasses from H&M, the black one will be customized soon, so stay tuned!



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