Spring is coming!

The flu hit me last week and I was lying in my bed all the time, unable to do anything else except for reading. I really hated it, but I am already feeling better. The worst thing was probably that from tuesday till friday, the sun was shining again after a long grey period and the temperatures raised. And were was I, while everyone enjoyed the fresh air outside? In my room, with closed curtains because of the headache. And next week winter will be coming back again, but not with snow (something I’d love), but with rain and cooler tempeatures (something I don’t like at all).

Anyway, I wanted to show a picture of the impact, 4 days of sun and warmth have on my balcony. Here is the ‘before’ picture, taken 2 weeks ago.


And here is the ‘after’… Btw, these are two different plants, both roses.



Have a nice weekend!


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