Integrity Toys 2013 – Fashion Royalty

And here is the Fashion Royalty Collection, called ‘Classic’.


The Intgrity Toys Design Team said that they wanted to ‘keep it classic but new’ – a nodd to the very early Fashion Royaltys and their glamour. There are again 5 different dolls, mostly newer molds.

‘Nostalgia’ Dania Zarr

Dania Nostalgia

Dania Nostalgia1

‘Splendid’ Jordan

Splendid Jordan

Splendid Jordan1

‘Captivating’ Anja

CAptivating Anja

Captivating Anja1

‘Ambitious’ Kesenia

Ambitious Kesenia

Ambitious Kesenia1

‘Polished’ Korinne

Polished Korinne

Polished Korinne1

And the last one is ‘Irresistible’ Dania again – she is a WClub special, you have to be a member to be able to purchase her.

Irresistible Dania

Irresistible Dania1

Well, what do I think about them? Firstly, I tend to ignore the FR, as I just hate their bodies (I think I mentioned this quite often already :)). And I have to say, that this year again, I am not thrilled enough to forget my dislike. I do like the idea of ‘classics revisited’ and most of their fashions are very pretty, too. But somehow, each one of these dolls has something that I don’t like. I think it’s the thick lower lashline, it just looks so weird to me – I understand that Integrity wanted to try something new, but I think it just doesn’t work. It looks best on ‘Irresistible’ Dania, but as I’m not a WClub member… I don’t like her fashion so much anyway and I am generally not a fan of blonde hair and tanned skin (at least on the dolls), so this would be an other reason not to buy her. But all in all, I have to say, that Integrity did quite a good job so far for the 2013 collections – I am sure, a lot of collectors will love the lot of accesories that comes with each doll and that they renewed some older looks. And I’ll jut wait for FR2 and Nu.Face and hope that they’ll be fabulous!

(All the pictures above and the ones from the last post about the Poppy Parker line are property of Integrity Toys!!)


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