Integrity Toys 2013 – Poppy Parker

The unveiling of the new collection was last sunday, but as I returned from holidays just yesterday evening (more about this in another post!), I’m showing you the pictures now.

Integrity already released the Dynamite Girl line, and although I was hoping to see the rest of the other lines, it turnes out that we all have to wait for the Fashion Royalty Squared and Nu.Face. The Fashion Royalty Collection for 2013 is called ‘The Classic’, but I’ll write about it in the next post – first, I want to present you the Poppy Parker Collection.

poppy parker

It features 5 different dolls, all wearing ‘typical’ clothes of the countries they represent. Personally, I don’t like this concept at all, it plays so much with clichés and stereotypes, but I have to admit that I like some of the Poppies, although I’m not sure about their clothes. So let’s have a look at them:

The first one is called ‘Irresistible in India’



‘Spicy in Spain’ (terrible name)



‘Sweet in Switzerland’



‘Pretty in Polynesia’



‘Joyful in Japan’



My favorite is the Polynesia-Poppy, although I don’t like the clothes she is wearing and it looks like the color of her head is slightly different than the color of the rest of her body. I also find ‘Irresistible in India’ pretty cute – did you see her errings? Perfect! Switzerland is sweet too (just like her name aready says:)), she reminds me very much of the first Poppies ever released. As I already said, there is no doll I hate, but I’m just not happy with their clothes – I would have prefered if they had a twist, to get away from the typical style, that is always associated with each country. I wouldn’t know which one to buy, but they are already sold out, so no Poppy for me! I’ll rather wait for the Nu.Face anyway!


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