little monsters

I would not say that there was ‘love at first sight’ concerning Monster High dolls. I just did not like their huge heads – it looked so weird and strange and ugly. But more and more pictures continued to appear on the internet and I got interested. I started to like the idea of monsters as main characters and the big head suddenly wasn’t so bad at all. And then, I saw one picture of Frankie and Lagoona, which helped me making my decission – I absolutely needed to have a MH doll as well! My first one was Lagoona and she is still my favorite – she is just so cute!  Soon, my sister wanted one as well and now she actually owns 6, while I have 3! :) In this post, I want to share a picture of each doll my sister and I own. Although I tend to give all my dolls individual names, I did not do that with my Monster Highs: Cleo de Nile is Cleo, Frankie Stein is Frankie, etc. The only exeption are the two vampires – they were from the create-a-monster set, so they aren’t specific characters. And I have to confess that these two are still nameless…. 











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