Inspiration Boards

I love to collect images. My laptop is full with pictures of pretty decoration items/ landscapes/ fashion details/ galaxies/ movie screencaps/ interesting artwork/ etc. I also cut out images of magazines and newspapers – and I love to combine them to inspiration boards. I have one big pinboard, and the images on it are changing seasonally. I also ‘compose’ everything – colors, sizes, textures, content, … . Soon I realised that I needed another board as well, where I could just put everything that inspired me at the moment. I chose a magnetic bord, so there wouldn’t be any holes from pins and I could put layer over layer. In theory, it’s great, but the problem is that on the black board there is a thin glass sheet – it looks glossy and beautiful, but only super strong magnets are able to hold something in place. And normally, those aren’t the cool ones – I got some from my sister that look like diamonds, but are hardly strong enough to stick to the board, even without any paper in between. I put some of the strong ones under the weaker ones, but it’s not ideal… That’s why I got another board – actually 3! But don’t be shocked, basically they are just 3 small round coasters made out of cork, which I attached to one side of my cupboard. They look really nice there and the images do indeed regularly change. I also used them to gather inspiration for my lastet doll-project, and therefore I only show you a little sneak peek – the other picture is an older one, from last summer! DSC04954 DSC04939 DSC04925 1000


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