The Roaring Twenties – Mini Collection

Finally I can reveal the mini-collection I was working on: The Roaring Twenties!

DSC05677   The idea to create the 3 pices came approx. 1 year ago, when I saw the trailer for Baz Luhrman’s new film ‘The Great Gatsby’ (btw. I saw the movie – I did like it very much, but I was surprised to notice so many similarities to the old one! What are your thoughts?). I had already read the book and I loved the atmosphere of the parties, the way people behaved – and the descriptions of the clothes. They were not particularly detailed, but that only pushed me to imagine my ‘own 1920ies’. Seeing the trailer helped me with my decision – to make something that was inspired by this fascinating decade. A long time passed before the first sketches were made – I did quite a lot of research: I wanted to make something authentic, something people would have actually worn. My first sketches:

DSC05698  I settled onto 3 pieces, one for each of my ‘smaller busted’ girls – Naomi’s body is just too curvy to really look great in a loose, drop-waist dress… Women tried to resemble men, they cut their hair and called themsleves ‘Garçonnes’, let’s not forget that! After I had some clearer ideas for the 3 dresses, I made moodboards – I thought of the colours, textures, fabrics and the different embellishments. I collected quite a lot of images on my laptop, but I also made ‘real’ moodboards:

DSC05686  Then the pattern making began! They changed a bit during the actual sewing… just like my original ideas. And here are the results:


The first one is called ‘Amory’. It was the first one I made and I like it best – I would totaly wear it myself (depending on the occasion :))! It’s really short, but the fringes make it look longer. Additional to the dress, I also made a long necklace, Alba can wrap it around her neck twice. And look at the back:

DSC05591  I called the second one ‘Francis’.

DSC05612  It’s a bit different from the others, as it is more an interpretation 1920ies look. Still, it’s heavily embellished with gold beads and sequins in various shapes and has also long beads hanging from the bottom – agian, to make it appear longer than it actually is! The shawl collar was one of the changes I made during the fitting process.

DSC05627  Last but not least comes ‘Jay’. I made in entirely out of an old, but loved t-shirt – one of the most amazing ones I owned, but I wore it way too often… did I mentioned that it’s for kids from 10 – 12? :) It was in my stash for a very long time and I finally decided to make somethingout of it – childhood memories came back while making the dress!

DSC05663  It has the typical dropped waist with an embellished waistband (actually it’s a hip-band :)). In the front it looks a bit like a wrapdress, but it closes normally in the back with snaps. Just like the others, it’s fully lined.

DSC05667  I hope you liked my little collection. I had a lot of fun thinking about all the possibilities, narrowing them down to 3 and then actually sewing the dresses. Embellishing was the best part of it.

The next things will be some dresses for myself and maybe some smaller doll-projects (let’s not forget the diorama!). But now I also have to focus on my oral exams, which are in 2 weeks. Studying for the last time anything that has to do something with school and then it’s over….!


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