New Girl – Rochelle

A new Monster High arrived at our home yesterday – Rochelle Goyle!

She is extremly cute (just like every other MH doll :)) but unfortunately, one can’t really see her ‘sad’ eyebrows, as her bangs are too long. But her acessories are fantastic – the suitcase opens and the inside is detailed and not just plain and boring. And her shoes! Monster High dolls always have great shoes in general, but this ones are the best – they remind me of an old, wrought-iron gate (she’s a gargoyle, after all), the only thing I’m not so happy with is that they are pink… Oh, well, at least she also has tights and a beret – both grey!

If you want to see all the details, you have to click on each image and then choose view full size… I don’t know exactly, what has changed with wordpress, but I can’t upload the images as usual – they are so tiny, I can’t make them bigger – I decided, that they look best in a gallery, because they are so small… Can anyone help me?


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