The Checked Sundress

Today I want to show you the dress I already told you about last week: The checked sundress. I used a pattern from ‘Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing’, the ‘Sultry Sheath’ and modified it the way she suggested – instead of a pencil skirt, I added a full, gathered one.

I used a nice, purple and turquoise checked cotton for this dress.. At least I thought it was ‘nice’ when I bought it: This fabric was so off-grain, I still can’t believe it. I washed it, straightened it, ironed it, straightened it again,  but it didn’t help much. With any other pattern it wouldn’t have bothered me much, but plaids aren’t that easy to match even with a straight fabric, so this was really challenging and although I tried my best, I’m still not a 100% happy with it. But it’s good enough for now.

Concerning the fit of the dress, I have to say that it fit me nearly straight out of the envelope! I did add approx. 1 cm at the waist (on both sides), but now I think it is slightly too loose in that area… my mum told me that I need some ease in order to be able to move in the dress (and she’s actually right :)), but I added the orange belt, as I felt more comfortable with it. Surprisingly, the colour matches exactly the tiny orange stripes of the fabric (that are practically invisible in this pictures)!

DSC059501.jpgI know, I promised you some good pictures… I’m sorry for the wrinkles, I already wore it several times and I forgot to iron it before I took these pictures. I also wanted to use the daylight, but it turned out to  be a bit too bright… even indoors… But I didn’t want to wait to finally shoot these photos!

DSC059491.jpg                 Oh well, I think they are acceptable… After all, it’s not a ‘masterpiece’, which would deserve better pictures! But I also have to mention the laped zipper I made – for making one for the first time it turned out pretty good! I also added a loop and a button, as the fabric over the zipper didn’t lie flat.


That’s it! I hope you liked it (from what you could see)!


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