IFDC 2013 – Horror High

Yesterday, the International Fashion Doll Convention in Las Vegas ended. As usual, Integrity Toys presented three new dolls – two convention companion dolls and an exclusive one. The theme was ‘Horror High’ and from what I’ve read, the dolls are quite popular… Personally, I am not impressed… I don’t know, I just don’t like anything – the make-up, the hair, the gowns… an exeption is Tatyana’s necklace, which is awsome! But it’s better to not fall in love with too many new dolls now anyway, as next week the FR2 and Nu.Face collections will be unveiled!

Convention Exclusive

Dark Fable (Imogen sculpt)

Dark Fable

Dark Fable1

Dark fable2

Convention Companions

Blood Lines (Tatyana sculpt)

Blood Lines

Blood Lines1

Blood Lines2

Glam Vamp (Anja sculpt)

Glam Vamp

Glam Vamp1

Glam Vamp2

Have a nice monday! :)


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