Working at the Salzburg Festival


As I already mentioned once or twice, I am currently working at the Salzburg Festival, in the costume departement. It’s my third week now, but I think I’ll ask if I can stay longer than a month – it’s just soo amazing!

I can’t really tell you what exactly I’m doing (wait until the premieres…. secrecy is very important in this business!), but it’s nothing special, really. But what counts for me is the whole atmosphere, seeing all this incredibly talented and skilled people working together (and arguing as well :)) and see how they make the most amazing clothes and accessories … Some of the items will be on stage only for a few minutes, but it takes days to make them – the amount of detail is huge!

The first week, I worked in the shoemaking workshop. With the help of another girl, Julia (I helped her, not the other way round :)), I mostly repaired shoes and attached new soles – I think, we made like 30 pairs of boots and the same amount of sandals… I’m not counting all those extra shoes now, where we *only* had to make a new heel or new inner soles… But it was a lot of fun! Because the glue we used stinks terribly, we had a good excuse to work on the terrace, next to the make-up guys – there, I met Simon Schwarz (great (and funny) Austrian actor, plays the devil in ‘Everyman’ this year) once, which was a nice surprise – I haven’t seen other actors or opera singers since, but one can hear them practising in the whole house!

The last two weeks I was working at the tailoring workshop. Normally, the workshops change every week, but the master (who translates the costume-designer’s sketches and ideas into patterns, who are sewn together (sounds easy, but it’s a lot of work – especially with all the historical costumes) by the seamstresses) asked me to stay – a good sign! :) But what I did was really not difficult – I mostly sewed various closures and ribbons and embellishments on all different kinds of clothes, as well as countless ‘Salzburger Festspiele’ labels. All without a sewing machine – after two weeks, my fingertips hurt a bit…

Another thing I love about this kind of work, is that you don’t feel guilty if you come home and just do nothing the whole rest of the day… I don’t feel like I absolutely have to create or sew anything, because I did just that the whole day… it doesn’t feel so much like a waste of time, if I get lost on the internet and return two hours later… And I also love that I can see what I accomplished – all the finished clothes hanging on a rack, waiting to be tried on…. (btw, there is some fabric lying around in my room, waiting to be cut into another dress – only the muslin has to be finished first! –> working with all these talented people certainly inspires me to make something – but I don’t feel guilty if I don’t!)



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