Diorama UPDATE!

Some news from my diorama! I worked on it a lot lately and here are the results: The backwall is now replaced by one made out of wood. It has the same hight as the last one, but I realised that I have to make it higher, if I want the pictures to look realistic. I give you an example:



Do you see the difference? Everytime I would want to take a picture of one of my dolls standing under the arch, I would  have to shoot from above, what makes them look totally cropped and weird.. Anyway, the problem is solved now. As the windows look a bit like the ones of a prison, I will be adding some leaf-ornaments. Here is a picture from the process:


I also decided that I want a hanging street lamp, but I haven’t made any sketches yet. I did make some of a small fountain, which will be at the very beginning of the street.


The basin will be sculpted like a large shell and there will pearls framing a picture of the sea. I already have finished some parts of it.


Right now, I am making the big portal for the left wall. I wanted it to look similar to the other, already finished one, so I took that one as a reference.




Only doorknobs are missing! But I’m already finished with the back – I wanted it to be different from the rest, so my diorama is more versatile – when it’s closed (so you only see the front), it looks a bit elvish-Art Nouveau , but when it’s open, it could be from any epoch.


For me, the most important thing is that everything looks realistic and it’s only logical that the streets and walls get dirty, when people are walking there everyday, it rains, it’s dusty from the cars, plants begin to grow in the tiny cracks…. I added some patina to the stairs and several walls, but I’m still trying to find some green flocking, which would be the moss growing in the corners!




Have a nice weekend; I know, how I will spend mine – crafting! :)


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