Tie Dye

Last weekend, I finally had enough courage (and time!) to do some dyeing. I wanted to do that for a really long time, but I was always afraid that I would ruin the garment. So, before everything else: it’s totally easy and hardly anything can go wrong. Especially if you want  bright, saturated colours. If you want light pastels or certain hues (like a light yellow with a pinkish hue or something like that), it’s a bit more difficult, because than you would have to mix the pigments and be super careful, that it doesn’t end up too dark. But as  my sister wanted one of her shorts in a tomato-red, there were no excuses anymore!

Additionally, I learnt some of the basics during my weeks at the Salzburg Festival. Here I have a picture of my workingspace:


We had some old fabric dye at home and we did everything acording to the instructions. It worked out very well! Even though it looked like a bucket filled with blood…


I made a test sqare, where I just played around with the folding-and-binding technique. Here is the result:


I made a dress for one of my dolls out of it, but there is quite a lot of fabric left, so I think I’ll make another Peter Pan collar.


But of course, the dyeing-adventures didn’t stop here. My mother wanted one of her blouses to have this pattern only in black and I wanted the same on a t-shirt. My sister made an extremely small shibori pattern on one of her t-shirts (it took ages) and again, I made a test-piece, where I just played around with some thread and stones..


This time, we dyed it in a pot on the stove , because the water needed to be approx. 90 degrees hot all the time. I had some doubts during the process, but the results are great!

The big moment…


Some close-ups:




Next time, I’ll try it with some natural materials like onion skins, beetroots, etc!



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