She’s Not There – She’s Here!

DSC07114Last friday, I got my very first Poppy Parker – ‘She’s not there’, also known as the ‘Twiggy-Poppy’. And I’m already soo in love with her! :) I especially love the sculpt – her mouth is to die for, I think there will be more Poppies coming into my collection in the future, just for this one reason! Her body is similar to the DG-body, only her boobs are a bit bigger (she can still share clothes) and her feet are flat, but she can arch them as well. I also like her hands, they are very lovely – each finger is seperate! But what makes this Poppy so special for me, is certainly her make-up and her hairstyle – I love the short hair and her eyes are amazing – no surprise that she’s also known as the Twiggy-Poppy!


Her clothes are lovely as well (accept for her red tights – they stain terribly, so Naomi is wearing them right now – there are no stains on her dark skin!). Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with the MOD-style, but I did some research and now I think it’s quite fun….. Anyway, my Poppy will definitely get some 60s inspired outfits, although there will be some more modern stuff as well. I already tried some clothes on her and I think she looks best in slightly muted colours and black. I have to say, that I didn’t try any of the brighter colours, so maybe they suit her as well! :)

Oh, and of course she also has a name: Edie. NOT after the famous Edie Sedgwick, but after one of my favourite, current british modesl: Edie Campbell. I know, that there isn’t much resemblance, but the name just felt right for my first Poppy!

Her original outfit:



I love redessing! :)





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