Last week, I spent some days in Vienna, visiting my family. It was very relaxing and the highlight was definitively the visit of the ‘Wildpark Ernstbrunn’ with the Wolf Science Center. If you know me, you know that I absolutely love wolves. I’ve always been a dog-person (and not a cat-person) and as wolves are their ancestors, I am naturally fascinated by them. I did not took many pictures of this beautiful creatures, I was busy following every move they made and watch their muscles interact with each other underneath their fur.



There were other animals as well, but in my opinion, noone could compete with the wolves :) Sika deer, for example:


I also visited the one big fabric store close to the center – probably there are some small ones somewhere in Vienna, but this one is really huge – 3 storeys high. I didn’t buy anything though, but they had beautiful Liberty lawns…




I also visited various shops, one of my favourite is ‘Duft&Kultur’, where they had these beautiful soaps:


And I also spotted Thranduil’s elk at the Naturhistorisches Museum! :) It’s a Megaloceros Giganteus.


Next week, I will be in the Salzkammergut, my very favourite region in Austria!


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