I also spent a week of my holidays at my Grandmother’s in Graz. I used to go there every year at the end of july (by coincident), when the days are the hottest of the year – and in Graz, it was always several degrees hotter than in Salzburg, so we mostly stayed indoors and watched all the BBC-Jane-Austen-mini-series and movies. Pride & Predjudice is definitely my favourite, even though ist about 6 hours long! But this year I came at the end of August, so it was still warm, but not so hot that we would be roasted by the sun…

I did a lot of things I always do: Visited certain shops, went into certain cafés, watched the same old loved movies…. I love Graz, but I already spent so much time there, I know exactly what I like and what I don’t care about… Next year, it will be all about breaking traditions, though, and exploring a bit more! :)


Frankowitsch – the best … sandwiches?! – belegtes Brötchen…



Farmer’s Market







The journey home (I took the train): The Grimming, one of the most beautiful mountains in Austria


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