Black, Blue, Grey


It’s the finished piece I wrote about last week. It is an oversized shirt, which can, due to its length, also be worn as a dress. It has no closures, but because it overlaps in the front, they aren’t necessary. I used the tie-dyed fabric for this garment and I love how the colours vary from black to blue, grey and finally white, the base colour. Even though I would like to make the same shirt again, this is nearly impossible, as I will never be able to recreate the dyed pattern a 100%. It’s truly unique and I love that :) Nina from Levitation_Inc. just commented on my flickr that the print looks a bit like a tree photo print and now I can’t get that out of my mind – how right she is! I would have never seen it, because I know it’s just something random –> it’s always good to get new perspectives and ideas by other people! :)




Have a nice weekend!


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