The Kiebitz Skirt

Another garment from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing is finished: The Pencil Skirt. Even though I’ve always loved the look of such a skirt I never made one myself – I always thought that I was too curvy to wear that style, I prefered fuller skirts like circle skirts, which show off the waist, but hide the hips. But as I get older (well, at least I’m not a teenager anymore), I appreciate the way I look more and more and now I think that a pencil skirt looks actually really good on me… And it’s also in a way more appropriate now than for a 16 year old girl!


The pattern was, again, a dream to work with – I made no alterations, I just shortened it by a couple of centimeters. The original length was below the knee, and that was just too long for me. The fabric I used came from my stash, I bought it a year ago (maybe it was 2 years…) in Vienna. The pattern reminded my dad of the paper used for the cover of old books – it’s called Kiebitz-Papier, after the eggs of a lapwing. Actually, my skirt is a bit more coloured, but now it has a name! :)



I love the curved waistband! The skirt closes in the back with a lapped zipper and two snaps.


The skirt was supposed to be wearable muslin – I wanted to try the ‘Sultry Sheath’, where I already made the bodice once, but with a full skirt – I wanted to try this new silhouette, before I would make an entire dress. I do like the skirt and the way it looks on me, but I think the intended fabric will be made into something else – I’m thinking about trousers…. Something I’ve never made before! That’s also why I won’t make them right away, first I have to find the right pattern, make muslins, learn how to put in a fly fron zipper, etc…!


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