Soft Leaves

DSC08256I’ve hardly ever made a long gown for one of my dolls before, because I always struggle with the pattern of the skirt – should it be like a mermaid’s, should it be full like a circle skirt, should it be straight or should it be asymmetrical…..

For this dress, I just cut a big rectangle (it’s not a square, but close to it), hemmed it at the bottom and cut a hole into the middle – this is were I attached the bodice. I also drafted the other pattern pieces myself, but I actually just draped them around Naomi’s body. For me, this is most of the time the easiest technique to get the look I want – taking measurements on such a small body can often be a challenge, and the dolls have different proportions than humans, so you can’t just take an existing pattern and size it down – the darts have to be fuller, the waist higher, etc, etc. But there is also one very cool thing about fitting clothes for dolls: They don’t have to move like we do, they can wear skin-thight garments and corsets without suffocating and they never have to worry about being too cold or too hot! :)

That’s also beneficial when it comes to the dress I just made: the fabric is very thin and the cut is actually more appropriate for summer, but the pattern and the colour of the fabric are perfect for winter. At least Naomi seems to be pleased, what do you think?




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