DSC08293The Untersberg is a mountain near Salzburg, easily to reach with public transport and there even is a cable car, which brings you to the top – still, I have never been there before. Yesterday was the first time. The way up, photographed through the window:


Once on the top, we went to the cross on the summit and enjoyed the view. The weather was perfect, only some mist over Bavaria, but while looking into the other direction, we even discovered the Dachstein and the Bischofsmütze! The city from above:



The Watzmann and the ‘Dirndln’ (–> his wife and kids :))


I always thought that the Untersberg has a plateau on the top, with meadows or something, but instead, there are rocks with mountain pines and the path goes up and down and up and down… Sometimes we even had to climb!



There was some snow left, from two weeks ago.



I had a fantastic time – the air was so fresh and the view was amazing. I’d love to come back soon!



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