Workshop Dolls and Exclusives

I promise, this is the final post concerning the Convention! :) Today I’m showing the pictures of the workshop dolls as well as the exclusives, including a fabulous convention doll! Please note that I don’t know the names of the individual workshops or what exactly was done there, so just enjoy the pictures. There were also 4 dolls, where I did not find any official pictures and I did not want to use ‘private’ ones: Tricks up her Sleeve Poppy Parker, Heavy Metal Lilith, In Sequins Anja and Fashion Creature Tulabelle. Sorry!

W Cosmetics Hair Care Elise


Poppy’s Makeup Makeover


Shining Star Monogram


Victorious Glamour Victoire Roux


This year, there was also the Color Infusion Style Lab, where you could mix’n’match various clothes and dolls. All in all there were 10 different  girls and 4 different guys. I don’t have pictures of them all and I also don’t know all names, but there were 2 different male face sculpts, one of them is new.

Color Infusion







And now finally the exclusives! The first doll was given to the attendees during registeration – a Monogram in nude underwear, who later got real fashion and accessories.

Interlude Monogram


Completist Fashion + Accessories


Nightfall Agnes



Especially For You Poppy Parker



Night at Ciro’s Fashion only



Dangerous to Know Kyori



Midnight Star Elise – Convention Doll




All pictures are the property of Integrity Toys

The last two dolls (and Vanessa) are my absolute favourites from the whole Convention. Kyori is stunning, just like Elise – and she is wearing Jason Wu! I also love the first Elise with her green eyes and Especially for You Poppy – she looks like a modern Snow White. And the clothes from the Style Lab are so cool! As I mentioned, there are no promo pictures from all the dolls and clothes (or at least I did not find more than those), but there was one amazing black jacket for one of the guys… the redhead’s coat is great, too. And there was one guy, with blond hair, a bit longer than usual – he totally reminded me of Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt in Rush….. Well, he looked like that in one picture, so maybe I’m seeing things :) Still, I’ll probably try to find him… I hope he’s not among those who is loved by everyone else as well!!

My conclusion: I am much more pleased with the dolls this year in comparison to last year and I wish I could have attended this Convention. It was a joy to see all those pictures of the dolls pop up on flickr, one more beautiful than the other. Of course, I did not like every single one of them. But generally speaking, I was really pleased and I think Integrity did a very good job!


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