Advent Calendar

DSC09187I know, I know, december has already begun…. But I didn’t really have time to upload the pictures before: mid term tests claimed all my free time! :)

This advent calendar was made both by my mum and me. I made all the little bags and she arranged them, sewed them onto the backdrop fabric and added all the cards with the numbers. Also, it was her idea to use this colour scheme and she found the right fabric on which she attached the bags. Actually, she did much more than I! :) We got the fabrics we used for the bags from a shop that sells furniture fabrics. They had all this books with swatches they didn’t need anymore and so they gave them to us. At first we wanted to use only very clear colours, whites, greys, light blue. But we changed our mind when we saw the arrangement of colours in one particular swatch-book:

DSC09121 (2)

Then I sewed the bags – I simply folded the rectangles in half and sewed the open edges. I finished the opening using pinking shears. Then my mum attached the bags to the backdrop fabric and decorated it. Do you like the result?





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