The Stairs-Diorama is finally finished! I planned to complete it until the 31st of December, but it took one day longer… Well, after all, it is done and that’s all that counts. It took me one year and a half to build it – mostly because there were so many months in between, when I did hardly anything. But that doesn’t matter now! I really worked hard on it the last couple of days. I finally straightened the left wall, painted it and  inserted the big door. Then I made the banister and painted it, as well as the floor. I also attached the little fountain and the ivy. In the end, I added the moss and the dirt. Waiting until everything was dry, so I could finally play with it, was maybe the hardest part! I actually think, that over time, I might change things a bit, like adding some more paint or moss on certain places – I will figure that out, once I’m photographing it more. But generally, I want the diorama to change easily – that also was my intention from the beginning, I wanted it to be flexible and variable. I can add chairs and tables and an umbrella to make it look like a café or I could add pots with flowers and a bench to transform it into a private patio. I can’t wait for trying out all the possibilities!


It didn’t take long and my ladies started exploring this new place. This are just some pictures of the first shoot, many more will follow!







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