The international fair for restoration and historic preservation, Monumento, was in Salzburg last week and I payed it a visit. As both my parents studied Archaeology and Art History, (and my dad still works in that field), I grew up with an appreciation and interest in history, architecture, art and antiquities. I was very excited to see a showcase of all the different techniques that are used and how much effort and time it takes in order to make old paintings, furniture, floors, facades etc. look as new as they did right after they were finished.



Fake marble looking like the real stone.


These guys explained how to make different types of terrazzo.

DSC00248 (2)


The main theme of the fair was ‘stone’, but there were also some sellers who sold those pure, beautiful, natural pigments used for restorations.

DSC00257 (2)

Speaking of stone, there were also some stonemasons who showed their skills.


DSC00265 (2)

Molds and finished pieces made of plastic – if something or a part of it has to be replaced (e.g. If the acid rain damages it too much and the original comes into a museum or if sthg. breaks off.).

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