Colette’s Wardrobe Architect

Like so many other seamstresses and sewing bloggers (ok, I’m actually neither), I’m really enjoying Colette’s newest series: The Wardrobe Architect. It is about finding your own, true style and also start making the things you love instead the ones you only like to look at. So far, Sarai discussed with the readers what makes our styles more personal (how things like community, history, body, activities, etc. play a role in the way we dress), what a core style is and which shapes we prefer. In the next couple of weeks, she’ll talk about proportions, colour, textures, detail, beauty and style signatures. She also created some fantastic worksheets, which are really helpful, also for later reference. So, what have I found out about my style so far?

Basically, for me the exercises were very reasuring – I have quite a good idea what I like and what suits me. Still, when I look at my actual closet, I see that I could make some improvements… But more about that later.

The hardest thing for me was defining a core style, because there are two styles that I deeply love and I also wear both: One is very feminine, classic, ‘ladylike’ and a bit dramatic, the other is heavily influenced by menswear (includes wearing actual menswear) and is androgynous an (again) classic.

Our task was to find 3-4 words that describe our core style – the style that suits our personality and all the things mentioned above (history, community, etc.) best. Then we should gather approx. 20 images, that represent those words and, ultimately, our core style. As I’m a ‘visual’ person, I did it the other way round: I looked for images that I thought are suiting my style and then I tried to find the words that describe the things they all have in common. Here is what I came up with (I needed 5 words): feminine, classic, menswear, dark (colour and mood –> ‘mysterious’), dramatic. If I could add one more, I’d chose textured. (I also just realised that I described some of the pictures as ‘glamorous’… ok, I’ll add this one too.)

Coming back to my actual closet, I have to admit that not all those words can be applied to my clothes – especially the last two, dramatic and textured. But those are the ones that I want to pay more attention to in future, especially when it comes to sewing… I hope that sooner or later, I’ll eventually have my dream closet and thanks to the Wardrobe Architect, I now have a solid and clear idea of how that will look like.


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