Hearts and Birds


After looking into a Säckler’s workshop last week, I had the opportunity to attend a tour through the atelier of Hanna-Trachten. It’s a family business, now in the third generation. As the name suggests, they are specialized on traditional women’s clothing – Dirndln! They create new designs every season, but always stay true to their origins – they still use the same patterns their Grandmother (the founder) created. They do change the fabric patterns and every season stands under a certain ‘theme’. The one for next summer will be… can I say it? Well, I’ll just say it has something to do with the Salzburg Festival for Classical Music and love.


I was really surprised to see how small the workspace is – three sewing machines, a serger and a buttonhole maker. They have one additional space in Vienna, where they also own a shop, but this room was the only one for their two shops in Salzburg.

But coming back to the pattern for the summer season…. They had a surprise for us: We, the attendants, can try to design a second fabric pattern, fitting the theme of the first one, and they will select the one they like best. The winner will be then involved in the process of digitalizing and printing it and, finally, will also get a Dirndl made out of the self-designed fabric! Of course, I immediately started thinking about it, gathering ideas… How cool would it be to wear a dress with a fabric made by yourself? Or maybe even seeing other people wearing it…. After seeing their designs, I think I maybe have an idea about what they are looking for. I have time until the end of next week to submit my design. Below, you can see some of my first sketches – birds, flowers and hearts…. I have no idea how many other people will participate or how their designs will look like, but it’s never wrong to dream, right? :)



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