Integrity Toys February 2014 Release

The new dolls for 2014 are ready to be pre-ordered! Integrity Toys released the new Dynamite Girls, FR:16 and Jem and the Holograms. I only have the pictures of the first two mentioned, as I don’t really think that the Jem-dolls ‘belong’ with the various IT lines… The other lines will be presented in April.

Dynamite Girls: Love Revolution (1970s inspired)

love revolution

Free Spirit Jett

free spirit jett

Own the Moment Aria

own the moment aria

Natural Beauty Tooka (new character, old facemold – Sooki’s)

natural beauty tooka

All American Auden

all american auden

Take it Easy Cruz

take it easy cruz

Sweet Freedom Susie (R&D Collectibles and IT Direct exclusive)

sweet freedom susie

The FR:16 dolls (40 cm) made their appearance again, revisiting some of the popular styles of the past FR collections.

Platinum Society Hanne Erikson

platinum society hanne erikson full

platinum society hanne erikson face

Amethyst Factor Anais McNight

amethyst factor annais mcnight full

amethyst factor annais mcnight face

Cosmetic Surrender Elsa Lin

cosmetic surrender elsa lin full2

cosmetic surrender elsa lin face

Hot Blooded Elsa Lin

hot blooded elsa lin full

hot blooded elsa lin face

Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson (Couture Dolls exclusive)

obsidian culture hanne erikson full

obsidian culture hanne erikson face

And the WClub Exclusive…. Evening in Montreal Victoire Roux:

evening in montreal full

evening in montreal face

(All pictures above are the property of Intergity Toys Inc.)

My thoughts about the new dolls…. I really love all their outfits. The Dynamite Girls with their layers and bags, the FR:16 with their jewellery and the fur stoles, Victoire with her cute bow in her hair… But apart from that, I’m not so convinced… The DG are generally cute (Jett is my favourite), but I there are quite a lot of older ones that I prefer. The FR:16 look really good and glamorous, except their faces – I mean, take a look at their eyes! The look so flat and ‘doll-like’. I know that they are just prototypes, so maybe the real dolls will be a bit different and more realistic. Victoire Roux is, on the other hand, a real winner for me – I love everything about her, too bad that I’m not a WClub member!


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