Wardrobe Architect: Shapes and Colours

The latest exercises of the Wardrobe Architect dealt with shapes & silhouettes and colours & palettes. Concerning shapes & silhouettes, a certain balance is important for me – either a defined waist or slim legs (skinny jeans, thights or bare). I like a tight bodice and a full/ pencil skirt or a long, oversized shirt and skinny jeans. Or just the shirt, worn as a dress, maybe with a belt at the waist. I also love 1920ies style dresses with the low waist.


When it comes to trousers, the have to be straight or skinny – I hate bootcut! Also, they have to be either long (bare ankles are the minimum) or really short – I don’t like mid-thigh or mid-calf. When I’m wearing a full skirt, I prefer knee-length – short skirts only work when they are straight.


Sarai’s worksheet also considered sleeve and neckline options: I like most of them, except for v-neck, cowl and turtleneck and I don’t like above-elbow sleeves, cap sleeves and spaghetti straps.

This week’s and last week’s exercises were about colour. First, we should look at the words and pictures we gathered for defining our core style. Which are the colours that appear most frequently? Which ones do we associate with the words we chose? Sarai also suggested that we should have a look at our closet and fabric stash and write down the colours that are represented. Mine are: Every shade from black to white, dark blue, teal, a dark, blueish purple, lilac, copper and a dark red-brown.  Of course, my closet doesn’t only consist of these colours – I have a red and white blouse, some khaki-coloured items (actually a colour I don’t really like that much) and some clothes with very colourful patterns, which include coral pink, a soft orange and light green. But those are the exceptions…

What I realised when I looked at my closet is that the clothes are somehow too monochrome – too many items in a very similar, if not the same shade. I definitely need to work on that… It seems that especailly the blue items all have the same colour – navy. In the future, I will stay away from it and try out other shades (except light blue)… Maybe I’ll even dye some of the existing clothes?

Now we have the colours we like best (yes, they are also my favourtie colours… I love black since I was in kindergarden, no wonder the black panther is my favourite animal!). The next step is to create palettes: divide the colours into neutrals, nearly neutrals, statement colours and (optional) metallics.

My neutrals are: black, charcoal, […], off white, white. I’m also adding camel and sand, as those are represented in my outerwear (among others).


Sarai defined nearly neutrals as colours that “act like neutrals, but have a bit more visual impact”. Mine are: navy, ultramarine, chocolate brown.

nearly neutrals

My statement colours (+ metallics) are: purple, lilac, cobalt blue, teal, copper and the occasional red.

statement colours

Looking at these palettes (despite realizing that they look better on my desktop than here on wordpress…. especially the ‘statement colours’ look wrong… here is a link to pinterest, where I just uploaded the ‘real’ palette!) I have to say that they do represent me, colour-wise. I wear mostly the neutrals and nearly neutrals, though. An I’d love to incooperate green (not khaki!) into my closet, I just think it’s difficult finding the right shade.. maybe I’ll have to experiment with dye a bit? :)


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