Lamé Blouse


My lamé blouse is finally, finally finished! I bought the fabric in November, made a muslin in December, cut and sewed the blouse in January… the only missing things were the buttonholes. I didn’t want to make bound buttonholes with this kind of fabric, I didn’t want to hand-sew them either. But I had no idea how to make them with my old sewing machine, as the required foot wasn’t anywhere to be found. I wondererd whether I would ever finish the blouse, when my sister had an idea – I should simply visit one of the several sewing-cafés Vienna has to offer. Well, I’m living in Salzburg, but I really liked the idea…. And I was going to Vienna at the end of February anyway. So, when I was there last week, I stopped at ‘Stoff & Faden’. There, the owners helped me making the buttonholes – except for the one right underneath the collar, they where done in a whim! :) The buttons are made out of black mother-of-pearl.


But coming back to blouse. When I bought the fabric, I was heavily inspired by Lanvin’s summer 2014 show – in fact, I also bought a copper lamé, which I’m going to make into a 1920ies dress, maybe a bit like the one Edie is wearing.

The pattern I used for the blouse is the nr. 112 from the August 2012 issue of Burda Style. I cut it in size 8, but I made it a lot slimmer at the sides – it’s probably between 8 and 6 now. Setting the sleeves in was, as always, a hassle, but in the end it worked out fine. To add a more interesting touch, I used a contrasting fabric for the inside of the cuffs and the collar – the same one I also used for my dotted pencil skirt, so these two garments look perfect together now!


The inside of the blouse:


I had to make french seams and turn all edges under, as the metallic threads of the lamé are itchy and uncomfortable. I used bias tape for finishing the armholes.


I’m really happy with the result, what do you think about it?


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