Easter Holidays


My family and I spent the easter holidays in Italy, at the Lake Garda – like we do it since more then 10 years. We didn’t do anything spectacular, just visited the our favourite places and cities, ate way too much food (gnocchi, tortellini, pizza, grilled vegetables and of course gelato!), spent time in the garden, tried to catch lizards, took a trip with a boat, enjoyed the sunshine, shopped for clothes and celebrated easter with prosecco and an almond cake.  It was so relaxing to get away from everything for 10 days, including having no internet access, which was a relief. I also did not have to do anything for my studies, which was great. But now I’m back to normal, to rainy Salzburg…. At least I can sew again and have access to all my books – I ran out of reading material while being away!



Blooming Wisteria – they were everywhere…


… amazing! :)


 Bamboo thicket in the garden


Of course I did not manage to catch one… they are just too fast.


Punta San Vigilio, seen from the boat


Mother duck with ducklings – so cute!



at DADA meeting point in Saló



I am always surprised that these houses still stand and people still live in them. (Verona)


These dresses did not go home with me, another, much more beautiful one did!


I have a lot more pictures, but I think it’s enough for now. Or would you like to see more? I could do another post, but I think this one, together with the last 365 post, pretty much sums it all up!




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