Navy & White


Another project, that I wanted to complete for a long time now, is finished. It’s a refashioned dress – my grandmother gave me the original garment last summer. She thought I could use the fabric, but I wanted to simply update the dress – much easier! As you can see, in the photo below, it was a bit on the big side, had a strange length and huge shoulders. There was no label sewn in, so I think maybe my grandmother had it made for her? (She could sew, but was never good enough to make her own clothes – according to her, because the things she made for my mother and her siblings look pretty amazing!).

The first thing I did was removing the pleats. Originally, I wanted to shorten them, but then I thought it would be easier to simply cut them off. The dress is a bit short now, but I can wear it with thights or leggings, if I feel uncomfortable. Next, I removed the sleeves and then I took several cms in at the sides. The dress is fully lined, so I did it seperatly on the lining and on the shell fabric. The last thing was finishing the armholes with white bias binding – now that the sleeve-cuffs are gone, I thought the white collar needed some … repetition.



I wore it during the holidays, so please forgive the wrinkles – I did not bring an iron with me! And the bias binding really is straight, the curve in the photo below just happened due to me moving around!



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