Ballett Pink


I’m really neglecting my dolls lately. I’m too distracted to play with them or rather sew things for myself than for them. This photoshoot is hopefully the first of several ones, that I will shoot in the next couple of weeks: Once I take my dolls out, play around with different clothes, style them, pose them, it’s so much fun and I don’t really understand why I didn’t touch them for such a long time. Well, this is about to change, I also have already some specific ideas what to make for them.

The skirt (and the bracelet I think) are really Naomi’s (Fire Within Jordan, partly repainted by me), they came with her, but the top is somthing I made. Confession time: It’s not finished and it probably never will be. I made it several years ago and even lined it, but that’s the problem: The fabric I chose for the lining is too thick, so the top it to small – There is no way I can finish the back opening and sew on closures, there simply isn’t enough fabric. So for this shoot, I secured it with a pin… but I’m not sure if I will keep it or rather just throw it away….





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