Colette’s Wardrobe Architect: The Capsule Wardrobe

Colette’s Wardrobe Architect finished last week. For the last 4 months, we were given weekly tasks in order to reinvent our wardrobe and make it perfect for us and our lifestyle. I already blogged about it some months ago (read the posts here & here) and I think now it’s time for a wrap-up.

Sarai introduced the concept of a capsule wardrobe to us. I’m actually familiar with it, but I never thought about creating this kind of wardrobe for myself (I often thought about doing this for my dolls… Each of them is different, has a different style and I wanted to make a small collection for every single one of them. Well, I never did it, but maybe in the future…). But as I followed her weekly posts, I thought “Why not?” Why not try it out? Creating a capsule wardrobe for this summer would surely help me to bring more ‘fluency’ into my clothes: Eventually, I would be able to mix and match my clothes easily, without looking like I dressed myself in the dark.

Sarai suggested that before looking at the actual items we want to make/buy, we should have once again a look at our silhouettes and colour palette. The thing is, I never actually made the first exercise. I found it difficult to narrow my preferences down and I didn’t feel like doing it. Well, now I had to, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Here are my 4 silhouettes:


It’s all about defining either my waist or showing my legs. The first one is with skinny jeans/shorts and a loose top. The second one is with a high waisted full skirt (knee length) and a fitted top (also the whole as a dress). The third one is similar, only with a straight/tight skirt. And the fourth is a simple A-line or shift dress. I didn’t consider exact neckline shapes or sleeve-lengths, so this is just really basic (but for spring and summer, it’ll be mostly short sleeves anyway).

Now let’s have a look at my colour palette. For the capsule wardrobe this summer, I chose:

  • white (clear white & off-white)

  • light grey

  • teal

  • dark blue

  • black, lilac and red, all in small doses (mostly in the clothes I already own)

Summer Palette 2014

So now it was time to think about the actual pieces I wanted to include into my Capsule Wardrobe. First, I looked at my closet and all the clothes I owned. Having my colour palette in mind, I pulled out all the things that were appropriate for summer and had ‘my’ colours and shapes. There were quite a few of them actually! I won’t make a list of them, but I was happy to see that I do own quite a lot of garments already that fit my (now confirmed :)) style pretty well.

But now the important things: The clothes I plan to sew! Here is a list:

  • altering the navy & white dress (already finished, see here)

  • simple white dress, slightly trapezoid-shaped, worn with a belt, out of very thin, off-white cotton with ‘textured’ dots (already finished as well, will blog about it soon!)

  • wide and breezy blouse in grey with black dots (probably self-drafted pattern)

  • blouse with application (I’ll only say forest animal, can you guess which one?), in teal, pattern?

  • circle or full skirt in teal (depends on how much fabric is left)

  • A-line dress, again with a special application (once featured in a ‘365 photos’ post), in teal

  • A-line dress in white, with black flowers at the neckline (not sure yet how this should look like, but the idea is going through my mind for quite some time now); both A-line dresses will use the pattern Nr. 109 from Burda magazine 9/2012– I already made a dress out of it once, this winter, but apparently I never blogged about it… will do one day, for sure!

  • and lastly, dress out of white cotton, similar to this one, but simplified – only the slid in the front and no high-low hem (here is a sketch on how I envision it:)


So all in all, it’s six garments I have to make – not too ambitious, I think I should be able to do it. Also, I tried to stick to ‘basics’ – simple dresses, blouses and a skirt. I already have the grey and black fabric and the teal one. Not much is holding me back to tackle the list and complete my Capsule Wardrobe now! I really hope I’ll be finished before the summer holidays – they start with the 3rd of July, so I’ve got two months. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll keep you updated!

Even though I’m not yet finished with the Wardrobe Architect (after all, there is a lot of sewing ahead of me!), I can say that I really enjoyed this series. When it comes to clothes, I’m much more critical and specific now. I’m not blinded by a bargain anymore and looking back at the past months, I realize that I haven’t bought a single new item of clothing (socks and holiday shopping in Italy excluded). I would say that the Wardrobe Architect really paid off, in every sense of the word! Thank you so much, Sarai!


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