Fashion Royalty: Urban Safari

New Fashion Royalties are here! The theme is ‘Urban Safari’ and I love the interpretation. I’m not a 100% sure if I like the strong eye make-up, but I love all the fashions (Some seem to be are bit far-fetched for the theme though). And especially the accessories! Sunglasses, hats, purses, bangles and the shoes! My favourite is and Natalia – I especially love her outfit.

Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale

elusive creature natalia fatale

elusive creature natalia fatale1

City Prowl Eugenia Perrin Frost

city prowl eugenia perrin frost

city prowl eugenia perrin frost1

Full Spectrum Veronique Perrin

full spectrum veronique perrin

full spectrum veronique perrin1

Faded Desert Kyori Sato

faded desert kyori sato

faded desert kyori sato1

On the Rise Elise Jolie

on the rise elise jolie

on the rise elise jolie1

Vivid Encounter Adele Makeda

vivid encounter adele makeda

vivid encounter adele makeda1

And the WClub Event Doll: High Visibility Agnes von Weiss

high visibility agnes exclusive

high visibility agnes exclusive1

high visibility agnes exclusive2

All pictures above are the property of Integriy Toys Inc.!


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