Unfortunate Events


Not everything went as planned this week. At first, the weather was terrible for taking pictures – rainy, cloudy, windy and cold. I wanted to take some photos of my white summer dress I made a couple of weeks ago outside, but it was just not possible. So no photos this week. And then my Interent stopped working… No photos, no Internet – no blogging, no checking e-mails, no random browsing around, nothing.

But let’s look at the positive side of things. Internet is working again – good. I’m nearly finished with my teal A-line dress – I’m hand applying all the leaves and branches, so it took some time to come that far. I am also planning a small summer collection for my dolls, the picture above is a preview. My keywords are light, bohemian, midsummer. I plan to reveal the collection (5 outfits – one for each doll) around the 20th of June. One dress is nearly finished, the other garments are waiting to be made…. I don’t yet know if I will be able to finish everything in time – I won’t stress myself, but I do hope that I will make it!



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