Last weekend, my brother and his family visited us and we decided to drive to the Königssee – Close to Austria, yet in Germany already, beautifully located between the mountains. I was there once as a child and I was shocked to return: It became so touristic, I can’t believe it! The way from the parking lot to the lake is plastered with shops, hundreds of pople were strolling around, mostly bikers, families and old people. There is no path around the lake, you either have to take a ship (completely overcrowded) or make a small detour, which ultimately takes you back to the parking area. We chose the latter one and after 5 minutes, we were nearly alone. We ended up really enjoying it, especially my niece – she always wanted to escape into the woods and climb on rocks. We saw caterpillars, wild roses and my brother told us how to distinguish raspberrie plants from blackberries – the raspberries’ leaves are white on the underside.







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